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Lessons I learnt in 2016….

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Happy new year and happy new blog!!!

Last Year was a very weird year for me.

it had its ups and downs and I just felt mehh.. towards the end..

All the points written below have stories attached to them. Hopefully, ill be able to link back to this post when I write the individual stories for each of these points.

  1. Depression is real. its not something to laugh at, or push to the side. I got depressed a lot, for no particular reason.
  2. You can sit out your whole year: My brother and I were at Yaba, Lagos some weeks ago and my brother showed me this old man who has a permanent spot on the road and has been there since he can remember. My brother spent 6 years in Unilag, Yaba btw and is now a graduate. That really got me thinking o.  I think I kinda bummed through 2016. I achieved some things, but looking back it was just mehhh
  3. We need good friends. No matter what they do or how much they annoy you
  4. There are somethings you cant fix. Just leave them.
  5. You cant do everything. Don’t go and be forming superwoman up and down. do what you can and chillll.
  6. stop assuming: ask questions. This got me into a lot of trouble in 2016 o
  7. Try not to miss your flight for stupid reasons
  8. Ignorance hurts. A lot. Stay Aware.
  9. Planning without execution is nonsense.
  10. sometimes you have to toot your horn yourself.
  11. Have a Back up Plan.
  12. Be strategic. If you don’t know how to, learn how to be.
  13. Give gifts.
  14. There is a thin line between some pastors and motivational speakers.
  15. Avoid places that are too crowded. someone might steal your phone.
  16. Read as much as you can
  17. Dont let anyone tension you into doing anything you don’t want to do except you are actually supposed to be doing it.
  18. I miss Harry Potter. 🙂

I’m going to be participating in a #30dayshopeful challenge by Otoxic sometime this week.

Ill be writing about my hopes and goals for next year

Check it out Here:

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Hi, Im Yevandy.


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