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Volunteering in Nigeria

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The way Nigeria is set up, volunteering or working for another man for free is a foreign concept….. (especially in this economy) but it’s very possible. In fact, because of the number of unemployed and underemployed people in Nigeria today, I recommend volunteering as a way to get the job of your dreams or ramp up your skills to get the job of your dreams while doing something that makes a social difference. Volunteering is also a very rewarding experience at least for me personally. I’ve made so many friends and done very little things that made a difference in the long run.

I volunteered with Hour of Code last year and it was an amazing experience. HOC gets volunteers to teach little children how to code. over 180 countries participated last year and it was amazing… even Obama participated. The impact they make world-wide is enormous and fantastic. They are only able to do this through the help of volunteers worldwide and guess what? you don’t need to be a programmer to teach. Just carry a willing heart and you are good. I think everyone should participate this year!!! see how

I got this email from Hour of Code reminding me about Hour of Code 2017 and how to be a volunteer and I am just amazed at the way time has flown this year. it’s almost December ya’ll

oh.. but its people who have time and money that can volunteer na…

nope.. false.

  1. if you already have a 9-5 you can ask for time off to volunteer.. a lot of companies have volunteer time off that you probably don’t know about. just ask your hr will you. it might just be 2 days a year but that’s something.
  2. and if you don’t have time off or work at a one man company…. volunteering also counts as CSR in some countries. you could do it as a group with your colleagues at work and use it to get a tax break from the government or turn it to bonding time with your colleagues. I’m sure your employer will like that.
  3. if you don’t have a job… I don’t know what your excuse is . You probably should be volunteering already to fill up your cv and occupy your time so your father will not come and off fan in your room. check out this hilarious tweet about being unemployed in a Nigerian home. lol. be smart. volunteer.

oya how do you go about this. it’s not the easiest thing to find foreign things like this in Nigeria.

  • check out . they are volunteer opportunities curators.
  • check out hour of code
  • simple google search
  • slum to school Nigeria
  • smile foundation
  • alumni groups of your Alma-Ata eg hope foundation
  • any NGO around you
  • hr or csr departments or websites of multinationals
  • check out united for education

things to note as a volunteer:

  • set your time and stick to it. it makes your body adjust to a form of consistency
  • be consistent
  • do what you are passionate about.
  • do something that makes a social impact or a positive change.
  • learn as much as you can. soak up information like a sponge.
  • make sure you volunteer somewhere there’s a structure. you don’t want to be taken advantage of.
  • don’t bite more than you can chew. don’t ever enjoy it too much that you start to cheat your employees.
  • have fun and document your experiences.

I spent most of my NYSC year volunteering, and at the end of one year I had a 2 paged cv (partly because I also didn’t know cv rules) I volunteered to be a fashion instructor at a church academy, I helped start-up up a company, even my teaching NYSC work was pro bono considering that the state I served in didn’t pay me completely for my services. (rolls eyes). I was busy!!!!! I still am. I have so much energy so why not put it to good use.

there’s something employers in Nigeria do that I don’t like. if you are an employer drag your ear and listen to me. An intern is not a volunteer… Nigeria is hard enough. Please pay your Interns. it might not be a lot cos they are still learning but let a volunteer be a volunteer and if you want to be an intern , be an intern.

Soo…. I currently volunteer with united for education too (they train you to teach children in public schools, math and english) and they have so many other perks its amazing.. they gave me a free ticket to watch wakaa the musical at terra culture once!!! live shows are my thing and I was so excited!!! I taught the kids with all my heart the next time I saw them.. lol. that’s the thing with awoof (freebies) !!!

Here’s a picture of me and some kids I teach. this is a screenshot from a snapchat video that they were way too excited to do. I don’t want to put their information out there so visit my Instagram for the full video . I wont even lie, controlling these children is stressfulllll….. they get so excited and noisy chei!!! . Managing 25 children is ALOT of work and children teachers are the real MVPs.

Nigeria don spoil, Nigeria don spoil… y’all need to stop complaining and pick up something to help improve your country cos the government wont. Volunteer to make something better around you.

have you had any experience volunteering? or have an organization you want me to check out? the comment box is open!!!


Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. I’ve always wanted to volunteer but location and work schedule doesn’t seem favour it. Will check out some of the links.

  2. Nigeria isn’t the first country that comes to the top of my mind when it comes to “voluntourism.” Usually, I hear about countries in Central America or Southeast Asia that have popular volunteer opportunities. This is very interesting, especially since Nigeria is Africa’s largest country!

    • Thanks for stopping by Ray. True, its not very popular to volounteer in Nigeria mostly because of alot of socio economic factors but its also not impossible and i encourage people to go for it.

  3. You are doing fine Yewande.
    Thank you for those times you kept pushing me to act and not stay idle.
    Volunteering not only impacts the people around us, it make us feel useful too.

  4. I also dint know how important volunteering is till last year. Although my mum thinks i wasted 3 months working for free, but i know the impact i’ve made and the skills i learnt. I volunteered on the ICS program and it was the best experience ever. I’m hoping i can get my baby brother to also volunteer but i doubt my parents will agree. Anyway, i just had an arrangement with my current boss ( it’s just a a start-up ) to let me take up a volunteering role for 5 months and i”ll come back to work with them and they agreed. I’m building my portfolio and experiencing a new work environment just like that.

  5. Please I will like to get link or body of a volunteering group I can be linked with thanks

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