Thinking about getting locs??

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I finally locked my hair and its the best decision I have made for my hair in a long time. My hair is growing and thriving and I am happy.


I was tired of combing, tugging, pulling, styling and trying to be creative with my natural hair. Every style I tried was a fail and at some point, I just got tired of everything. 

I was tired of wigs and braids. I was tired of failed styles and just touching my hair. 

Cutting my hair was not an option because I already look younger than my age and going bald makes one look wayyyyy younger. The baldie look isn’t also for me. Relaxing my hair was also unappealing because of how fine and thin my hair is. I am not against relaxed hair. I just don’t like the sleek look on me.


One day I googled where to loc your hair in Lagos, Nigeria. Found Loctitude and Jato salon surulere. I noticed that Jato salon wasn’t too far from my house, so I took the nearest Keke there and said.. “Loc it”. I didn’t even give myself time to think about it.  Best decision ever.. Locs
15 months Locs

The method used was the interlocking method and I asked for medium-sized locs. The whole thing took about 2 hours 30 mins. 

I have decided to write this post for anyone that’s thinking about or contemplating locing their hair.  Hopefully, this can help you make a decision. Should you also loc your hair? 


What if you don’t like it or it doesn’t come out nice: 

This is possible. I personally haven’t met anyone that this has happened to. Most people love their locs. The truth is that if this happens, you’ll probably have to cut your hair (depending on the method used to loc it).


  • Retain all your growth and all your hair. Everything is literally locked on your head.  
  • Bye-bye to combs: The joy and freedom. 
  • It is permanent. This is a pro for people that are indecisive like I am. I don’t have to wake up every day thinking about “soooo, what do I do to my hair today“. Sometimes I just let my locs down for the whole week. 
  • You get opened up to a new world of low maintenance hairstyles. Loc hairstyles are beautiful and unique. 
  • Lots are just beautiful and all the cool kids have them 
  • You only need to loc your hair a few times in the year. Bye-bye to weekly salon visits which mean you get to save time and money. 
  • During the lockdown Sometimes I rolled out of bed looking presentable without doing anything to my hair. 
  • Perfect for any hair type and density. 
  • You can also wear braids, weaves and wigs on your locs… Ill insert a picture of me with braids 


  • It’s not exactly as low maintenance as most people anticipate: You still need to properly moisturise so you don’t start to look like a mess. You also need to wash/clean your hair and just maintain as usual. Just like you would with any hair type
  • It does have an Ugly phase: This doesn’t last for too long and ugly is relative anyways. 
  • When your hair is damaged, there’s only so much you can do to cover or repair it. The solution might just be to cut it off. 
  • It is Permanent.. this is a con for some because they want to have options. Let me assure that just because Locs are permanent doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with them. 
  • It might take some time to get your dream look. I really like Asas look. It might take a year for me to get it but I am learning to love my hair as it is. 
  • Depending on where you are in the world, Finding a good logician might be almost impossible or ridiculously expensive
  • Sadly, the hairstyle is still unacceptable in some places. Which is think is stupid but this is the world we live in. Before you dive in, ensure that your professional and other environments are accepting of them. 

Other Things to note but not a pro and con

  • You still need to take care of your hair. Lots are not a way out of haircare. 
  • Lots are only dirty when you don’t wash them. Not because every loc head is a dirty person. 
  • Locs thrive when you don’t do too much to them. 
Great.. but I am still on the fence: What should I do? 

If you are still on the fence about this, Do twists and keep them in for as long as you can. Wash your twists as they are and just take care of your hair as you would normally. If you don’t mind the look then either go ahead to loc your hair or just let your hair loc by itself. If you don’t like the look then you are also good. Take out the twists and go on with your natural hair. 

I have another post on how i take care of my locs, how often i reloc and other FAQs.

Was this post helpful? Are you thinking about locing your hair?  Let’s talk in the comment section below or on twitter

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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