10 things I learnt from listening to two powerful Nigerian women.

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I attended this amazing event called the TFD series organized by Tara Fela Durotoye and Ibukun Awoshika, two powerful and Inspiring business women in Nigeria, .

Tara is the founder and CEO of House of Tara, The first locally owned Makeup brand in Nigeria. She is also credited with being the first pro makeup artist in Nigeria. She has single-handedly built this business from scratch to a million-dollar enterprise.

Mrs Ibukun Awoshika is also a businesswoman and the first woman to serve as Chairman in a bank in Nigeria. She is also Mrs Taras mentor…

I attended this event because these women are trailblazers in their industry and continue to show how women can empower other women.

It was an amazing event and believe it or not, I took notes worth 5 pages. I had to stop when my hand started to ache and I couldn’t keep up any more.

The top 10 things they said really impacted me were:

  1. Any woman has the capacity to do anything she sets her mind to do. We are all superwomen. You should never forget that.
  2. Who you plan to get married to influences/changes a lot of things. A man finds a wife, but Ladies actually choose their husband. Dear Ladies, please don’t pick a fool and don’t pick your partner based on emotions only.
  3. Every woman needs a good support system if they plan to juggle a lot of things (Career, children, etc)
  4. Managing people is a necessary skill for every woman. You need to know how to manage all kinds of people, everywhere and every time.
  5. We all have a point to prove. People are always watching. Some watch because, they are jealous, some because they look up to you, some because they have invested in you.
  6. You need to know what you want from your self in life. What’s your purpose in life. Do not go into any relationship without knowing why exactly you exist.
  7. Be Diligent: Put in your best and try to be the best wherever you find yourself even if  that’s not where you want to be
  8. Don’t get caught up in what anyone says about you. People will talk, but what you think of yourself matters a lot.
  9. To fly as high as you want to fly, you need peace in your home.
  10. Don’t get married cos someone wants to marry you, but marry because you want to and are ready to. There’s time for everything.

I’ll stop at 10, so that this doesn’t get too long..

About the Session:

It was a question and answer session and we had questions pre-prepared for Mrs. Tara and Mrs. Awoshika before the event started and it was from these questions they picked their points and I got my notes.

Super Random: Both TFD and Mrs. Awoshika have only male children and they have so much wisdom for women!!!

I’m just happy they started this TFD Series initiative to educate and empower Nigerian women.  Training women have never been a bad investment.

Let me know what you think about some of these points in the comment section below..  and follow TheTFD series on Instagram to know when the next event is. They also have some outside Lagos.

Do you have an online role model? or a woman whose life empowers you? Tell me about her in the comment section below…

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I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

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  1. They’re both so inspiring. No 10 is funny and true! Love the bit about having a point to prove and yes we shouldn’t get caught up in what others think about us.

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