IELTS: All the Info, Tips and My Personal Experience.

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Based on the previous post by Mr S , I compiled a Mini Guide to the writing the IELTS exams based on my own personal experience.

The first step is to Register:NYSC,

  • Decide why you want it. You need to do this first as there are two formats of the IELTS exam. There’s the Academic and the General. The Academic will get you into grad school, PHD programs etc while the General is used for Immigration, Jobs, etc.
  • Go to the website and pick dates: I advise you book at least a month in advance.. The dates fill up quickly and If you don’t book early enough you might not get to write the exam when you need it.
  • Register: It’s a simple Process. Just follow the Instructions on the website clearly.
  • Pay: I recommend that you pay via bank draft.. Don’t pay online… Everyone I know had issues with online payments. Just go to your bank and ask them t issue you a Bank Draft for the British Council. It cost about 70,000 Naira. Now that you have done all these, Its time to go STUDY.

Study Tips and Materials.

  • British Council will send you an email package with a link to their study platform after you pay and submit the bank draft. Its called Road to IELTS and it’s a very great study resource.
  • Read to Learn and Understand. It can be very easy to not read well for this exam if you speak English already but the truth is that a lot of the “English” we speak daily in Nigeria isnt exactly correct. Study with an open mind
  • Get an audio recorder to practice the speaking section.
  • Youtube Videos are your friends the channels you should subscribe to are:
  • Ieltsliz:
  • Official IELTS Listening test
  • Learn English with EMMA:
  • The official study guide books.
  • There’s a course on Ill advise you to take if you really have time.  Its structured and all. : super valuable
  • … Practice, Practice..  everything cos that’s how you get better. Don’t just read.
  • Create an essay writing format
  • Set out study time
  • Magoosh prep has this really great ebook and curriculum for IELTS :
  • Mobile apps. which ill do a separate post on.

Exam day

Speaking exam happens some days before the actual exam: Practice and come early. I arrived at the venue 2 hours before the time given to me and I got to do my test almost as soon as I got there..

The main exam:


  • There will be a place to dr
    op your bag.
  • You can use a biro for the essay section but I do not recommend it.
  • A pencil is used for the other parts of the exam. My personal tip is to Sharpen your pencil on both ends…. That gives you an extra pencil. 🙂
  • Get erasers.
  • No razor blades allowed.. Sharpen your pencil from home or outside the examination hall. It even helps you save time.
  • Listen to the instructions you are given very well. Both from the invigilators and from the actual exam.
  • Don’t forget your international passport at home.. Its the preferred ID.
  • Cram your registration number.. Its just 5 numbers.. You wont be allowed to take a printed copy of your exam slip in with you.
  • Get to the exam venue on time..
  • Test the given headphones before the exam starts.
  • Take a jacket in with you in case the venue is cold. And pee before the exam.. You may not be able to leave the exam hall during the course of the examination.
  • Calm down and relax .. Stressing out wont give you extra points.
  • Go over your work as often as you can

During the exam tips.

  • Listen and Read the questions well
  • Write with a clear hand writing.
  • Go over your work as often as you can within the time specified.
  • Don’t cheat or ask side questions…

After the exam..

  • Relax… there is nothing you can do at this point
  • Your results come out in 2 weeks.
  • Check your results online.
  • Visit the British council to collect your result or wait for it to be sent to you.
  • If you don’t like your scores… apply for test remark at a cost and follow up with the British Council till you get your results back.

These are my tips for the IELTS Exam. Have you taken it before? Would you like to share your experience in the comment section below?

I also have access to more materials for this exam…  if you would like to have them, drop your email below or just subscribe to my blog with your email on the right hand side of this site…

Read S experience here

Hi, Im Yevandy.


    • Im doing great Lara and you?
      Lol.. Maybe or Maybe not… 🙂
      I actually wrote it for multiple reasons.

  1. Great post, Yeva!

    I would just add this: in registering for the IELTS, you want to make sure that your weekends are free 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the date you choose. Annoying, I know. I registered for mine expecting my Speaking Test to be after the written components like all my friends, but mine was scheduled BEFORE. I requested that they reschedule and the answer was NO. I had to cancel a trip I had planned and it wasn’t funny at all!

    • wow.. that’s true. They hardly allow reschedules.
      Funny enough.. most people I know had their speaking test before the written test.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I am actually planning on writing the exam but I won’t mind getting some materials to jump start my preparation.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Thanks for the tips Yeva.

    I would like some materials or links to download them

    Thanks in anticipation

  4. Michael Tomori Reply

    Wow. This writeup was really timely. I got value.
    My question! Is it online registration before payment or payment before the online registration?
    Could you please share the link for the online registration so as to register.

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