It’s the last day in 2017 and it’s a perfect day to go over my Highs and lows of 2017. I started this post reviewing my 2017 in general but will focus it on my year as a blogger. I am not so much a review person, I am more of a lets plan and do and just keep it moving kind of person… But in the spirit of doing things differently, here’s my 2017 review… This should be fun!! I started my life as a blogger this year 2017 on becomingyeva.wordpress.com . I closed down all my old blogs and decided to start on a new page as i said here. I wrote my first blogpost on January 2018. It was an empty post with the title of First Blog post.. Lol.. Cliché abi . I also bought a cassiedaves blog planner. i was really taking things seriously. I…

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