Lets just take a minute to acknowledge the beauty of the name Gabourey.. it sounds so fancy and bougie… i was soo happy when she emphasized that her name isn’t gabby but Gabourey… lol. i don’t know why. If you don’t know Gabby or Gabourey, then you are on a long thing.. Maybe not sha.. she was the lead actor in the movie Precious… she was very noticeable because she was quite big in the movie (she has lost some weight now).. i never really finished precious the movie and i have no idea how it ended. i saw a bootleg version that stopped in the middle… (dont judge guys..this was like in 2010/2011) i still remember where it stopped … the scene where maria carry told Precious that she had HIV. this same precious movie is the movie that has now caused Monique career to take a nose dive.. …

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