I was craving puffpuff for a week. I went to Shoprite and bought all the ingredient required.. Flour and Yeast dassall.. I got home mixed everything and waited.. Puffpuff dinnor rise o.. Tried again the next day.. I still didn’t rise. I went on YouTube, followed Sisiyemmie and 9ja foodie.. Puffpuff Still dinnor rise. As I am talking to you… Puffpuff still no gree rise. No puffpuff batter has risen in one week and my flour has finished. While this was happening I was lamenting to my friend who got tired of my Wahala, came to my house and carried me to look for puffpuff… We found puffpuff after 2 busses and 1 kekenapep (tricycle) to Mushin. We spent almost an hour back home because police stopped our bus to search 1 man and there was traffic… On a Sunday Night. Now body has rested. No relevance to my story…

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