Read part 1 and Tokes review here This is the review of a book that was a hot in its own right… it didn’t blow as much as Tokes book but it was kinda a big deal too. Anybody here watches Jennifer’s diary by Funke Akindele? Its arguably one of the best Nigerian TV shows ever… its this hilarious Dramady about a village girl (funke akindele) who wants to fit in at all cost.. Unlike normal nollywood with the predictable endings and terrible characters,… Jennifer’s diary is good!!!! Well we all got an onscreen sweetheart from Jennifer’s diary in the name of Toyo baby… the sensible educated friend of Jennifer.. She was a newbie actress but a really good one… suddenly we stopped seeing her on screen… she was kinda written out.. Or they just pushed her character to one corner… and we all (me sha) went online to find…

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