ebutte metta


Alte is the short form of Alternative (I hope…  I didn’t find a definition online) so Alternative Lagos or Alte Lagos it is. It’s Not the regular Lagos behavior and lifestyle which is permanently punctuated with Danfos, traffic, shouting, struggle, and sweat. It’s living the good baby girl/boy life. it’s composed of activities that the very regular average Lagosian isn’t concerned with or is too broke busy to participate in. Soooooo…. I did a lot of some research on how to live the Alte life (this is what happens when you have unlimited data and too much time) and since I might not be using it anymore.. I have decided to share.. Tell me thank you. [bctt tweet=”so what are the features of Alte Lagos you ask…” username=”yevandy_”] Grab some popcorn and a Wilson lemonade let me educate you. it involves going to one or more or even all of…

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