It’s review time!!! I really enjoy writing Yearly reviews. I sometimes end up crying out of gratitude, the pain of some memories, and a combination of many other feelings but I still love eet. I always beat myself up about how inconsistent I am but I have been writing some form of yearly reviews/resolutions since 2013 2013: (Now a Broken Link), 2014:(hidden site), 2015: (incomplete) 2016: (Guest Blogger) 2017, 2018: 2019, 2020 I deserve a pat on the back abeg. I really should stop being hard on myself. Some helpful tips that help me with these yearly reviews are: Saving all photos on the cloud. Google photos and one drive work best for me. Taking a lot of random pictures Recording myself doing random stuffReading other peoples reviews. Writing down my thoughts and just general journaling. Let’s get into the review. The biggest thing I did for myself in 2021 was I joined…

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