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2017 review and goals for 2018

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It’s the last day in 2017 and it’s a perfect day to go over my Highs and lows of 2017.


I started this post reviewing my 2017 in general but will focus it on my year as a blogger.

I am not so much a review person, I am more of a lets plan and do and just keep it moving kind of person… But in the spirit of doing things differently, here’s my 2017 review… This should be fun!!

I started my life as a blogger this year 2017 on . I closed down all my old blogs and decided to start on a new page as i said here.

I wrote my first blogpost on January 2018. It was an empty post with the title of First Blog post.. Lol.. Cliché abi . I also bought a cassiedaves blog planner. i was really taking things seriously. I also reviewed events like the TFD series, and shared how I studied for the GMAT which I finally wrote in March.

In February, I wrote about the SLAY festival which I attended on my birthday in January and i made up my mind to attend the next one as a vendor. The power of goals… I didn’t have a business when I said it but Now I have a business creating stuff I love and I applied to sell my products in the next SLAY festival. Fingers crossed.. looking back,  I guess I was pressed about finances and money in February as I wrote about how I made more money in a recession (in 2016) and how I used piggybank to make 1 million Naira.

My piggybank post blew up and I got featured in a number of publications… I also got offers to write and get paid for articles which I had to turn down due to a tight work schedule… guys this was less than 2 months after starting this blog… If this wasn’t a validation… I don’t know what else would have convinced me that i was on the right path…   This was the sign i had prayed for… ..

At this time, People started to think i was a finance expert which started to get me scared….. I work in Tech not finance…… lol. I tried to convince you guys about this in this my DIY guide to purchase a laptop .. I still don’t know if I was successful at that. I also stated reviewing books and started with Areses Smart Money woman which was a great read. I Also wrote on how I journal and I still owe you guys a post on how to create your own journal… I intend to make it a video.. Fingers crossed. I also shared my experience on my fast off social media… …. See ehn.. I was on a rollllllllllll….

I moved to a self hosted site in April 2017. I built, hosted and almost broke my site all because of  DIY. I only wrote one post that month informing readers about the move from to here. I broke so many things moving, I didn’t want to write and promote a new post and have it disappear..

In May I wrote about how to invest which I guess was a hit.. It brought people from my old address here as I had a hard time informing loyal and new blog readers about the move I also reviewed the GTB food and drink festival.

In June I showed everyone a new way to use google maps to avoid Lagos traffic and how I use getBarter to pay for stuff online.. They were both Tech posts that didn’t look like your regular tech posts and l like them like that.

I went on holiday in July and August and I didn’t even log on to WordPress to even check my stats.. Very bad.. I was too busy having too much fun and attempting to globe trot. I also got back from my vacation to face some harsh realities which took over the month..

I came back with updates in September and wrote about alternative thingss to do in Lagos Nigeria. I have another version of this post I was supposed to share with a travel site but just never got around to it. I also reviewed another book.. 29, Nigerian and Single and wrote about my blogging history and NYSC in Nigeria… personally a fun post for my but m,y stats don’t agree..

Phil Knights ShoeDog literally changed ,my life and I reviewed it in October.. I had to take it down as it was to be published on Bellanaija but it is back up now… I also wrote about volunteering in Nigerian and why you should tooo..

November started with Hello November and finally my Poverty Tourism feature on Bellanaija…. Yay!!! Finally.. It also got featured on The Naked convos…   I also tried my hands on video a little with a tutorial on how to Edit a PDF file. Someone in church gave a testimony about how she almost got robbed online and I decided to write about Phishing Scams on the 30th of November so no one else would fall a victim again..

Phew…. long year.. To cap it up, I reviewed the Blinkist app and explained how it helped me read more books….. and finally this post you are currently reading is my second and final post for December and 2017…

takes a Bow

i am actually proud of myself… this seems small compared to other bloggers.. but guess what its mine… and all these links were not here last year..

Quickly moving on to 2018: which is almost unbelievably tomorrow…

the plan is to get bigger and better….

See that blog break I took over the summer, I will be sharing my travel experiences to the places I visited. I also want to travel more and hopefully with a camera.. which will all be used to create more video content…

I cant wait to get good enough to get featured on CNN, BBC and NewYork Times…. A girl can dream right..

I also want to write a book!!!!!!!!!!!! probably Fiction, about a little girl called Alake Otun.. I have too may characters playing in my head and I need to introduce you to them.. Would you buy a fictional book if I wrote one?

I probably should start learning how to write fiction so that I don’t come out with a crappy book and have the whole of black twitter laugh at me…. care to recommend a writing course or writing prompts?

Growth for this blog will include a short course, an ebook, youtube videos, featured articles and diverse content.

Ofcourse I want my stats to increase but I think ill prefer impactful content to traffic.

These are my plans for 2018. what’s yours?

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. Awesome! Loved the review.
    Can’t remember when exactly I came across your blog but I’ve read almost all your posts.
    I love your space.

    I’m here for you’re 2018 plans.
    Happy new year!.

  2. 2017 went really well for you…thumbs up Yewande! It’s not easy to set your mind to something and accomplish it despite all odds. I hope 2018 is even more amazing and I will be happy to read your book so please go ahead! All the best.

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