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September 1 2017: updates

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Apologising for ghosting on this blog again

Forgiving you for forgiving me again… 🙂

complaining because since I moved to a self hosted site, my blog has been unstable and I fight errors every single time I log in..

Celebrating that my cousin just got married and I got free jollof for 3 days.

Attending nothing cos my lazy ass wont go anywhere

realizing that August is over and I spent half of it sleeping

Reading the last page of shoe dog by Phil Knight and I’m blown away

Patching things up with a good friend

Deciding that I need to do my masters asap

Making a lot of pancakes

Eating an unhealthy amount of Suya

Binging on Insecure

Wearing Dashikis

Thankful for free Spotify on desktop

Moisturizing with carrot oil made by my sister

Breaking from Instagram again cos I’m spending too much time watching others live

Learning that no one is perfect

Trying to make the right decisions

Going to the Island only once a week because the trailers are back on Lagos roads

Listening to Joromi by Simi

Expecting simis album cos she’s my new favourite artist

Learning about Data Science

Excited about starting French classes in 2 weeks…

Planning another trip outside Nigeria on a serious budget

Impressed by my baby sisters blog

Asking God so many questions.

Letting go but still holding on.

Happy New Month Ya’ll

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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