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Ya’ll that are regular visitors to the blog know about how I shouted about the wonders of Piggybank and how it helped me save 1 million Naira. Heck, I even got featured on Linda Ikeji.

If you have not seen the post, here it is.

That was almost 3 years ago and I am back with an update post on Piggybank now called Piggyvest. Apart from the name change, they have gotten a lot more popular, credible and they do a lot more than just a piggybank.

Here are some things you’ll want to know about the new Piggybank:

  1. PiggyBank is now called Piggyvest. Yea, I know.. Piggybank sounds a lot better than Piggyvest but who are we to complain. They had their resons as explained in this blog post..
  2. They are no longer a small company. They got investors who have given them or at least pledged to give them more than 1 million Dollars to help them grow their business
  3. They now help to do more than saving money.. In fact with piggyvest you can now
  4. Save Money as usual.. The still have a way for you to quickly deposit money, withdraw the money at a paticular date, AUto save weekly, etc..
  6. Invest money: This is their biggest value point now.. Instead of just droping your mon ey and forgeting about it, You can now save your money and make it work for you. As at August 2019, you can invest in Agriculture, Transportation, Real estate and fixed Income investments.
  7. You can do targetd savings for multiple reasons
  8. You can now get an account number so that other people can easily transfer money to you.
  9. You can subscribe for a health insurace plan
  10. You can also get piggypoints for transactions made.. (I don’t fully understand how this works yet sha.)


Phew!! That was a long list..

I like how they have diversified their platform, but I am not sure I like how they seem to want to do everything.

It makes sense but sometimes it could get confusing.

I think the platform, needs to be adjusted in a way that everyone who uses it understands exactly what they can do with it and how..

It just feels a little crowded and you have to dig deep to find some extra features… and that’s if you know about these features.

I also do not like the mobile app…. Same issues about it feeling crowded..

DO you use Piggyvest?

Whats your favourite feature on their platform

Lets discuss in the comment section below.

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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