Independence: September recap

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October 1st was Nigeria’s independence but not a lot of Nigerians celebrated Independence day .. We really don’t have so much to celebrate apart from the fact that we are alive. Nigeria is a land of so much potential and opportunities but sometimes it’s easier to negotiate with mosquitoes than to access these opportunities in the country.

Alright… I’m not here to make you sadder than you already were. Let’s start over.

It’s been a while guys. Who missed me.

I have a very silly excuse to why I didn’t post anything last month.

I couldn’t find pictures to go with my scheduled blog posts. Silly excuse yea. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Tongue Out

But honestly, Unlike other lifestyle bloggers… and normal human beings. I don’t like to post my pictures online.  I don’t even like to take pictures like that!!  Ok, I like to take pictures but I get uncomfortable when there’s too much attention on me.

Random story I tried modeling once when I was 16 and didn’t last a day… The lights were too bright and I was super uncomfortable with all the attention I was getting from the instructors, photographers and other people around. Let’s just say. It wasn’t meant to be then even though everyone wondered why I wasn’t modeling.

I started using Yevandy instead of Yewande online cos I really don’t want to be identified which was fine when I was still an anonymous blogger,  but the way the internet is set up now ehn. It’s almost impossible to be anonymous. Also. My blog is actually a part of my personal brand and the earlier I embrace people knowing me from it, the better.

Who else is like this?

About my blog, I’m grateful for all the views it gets daily… even when I am not posting.

I don’t have thousands of hits daily but I’m grateful for the 100s I have.

You know what I realized… Gods got me…  I never thought about making money from this blog, but look who’s getting offers now… me, me, me, me…

I’ve started to think critically about monetizing the blog since I spend so much time on my content but it’s been difficult figuring that out.  Do I do ads, affiliates (which isn’t so easy to set up in Nigeria), connect with PR companies, sponsored posts?   I don’t mind doing any of the following as long as they won’t affect my content negatively, but I don’t want to do things just because others are doing them…

Pls let me know in what ways bloggers monetize their blogs that annoy you?

In doing things because others are doing them,

I’ve had to battle a lot with comparison recently.

I had to unfollow blogs and people that I loved on WordPress, YouTube Instagram, and Twitter.

I honestly thought Social media was my problem but turns out it’s not…  My problems were plenty and in included Comparison and distraction.

I wanted to do everything that I thought was doable, irrespective of if it was right for me or not.

I was comparing my journey to that of others and it was killing me slowly.

I discovered the fix to this was to guard my heart and fill it with things that were closer to my purpose.yewande oyebo

Now, I can’t just listen to any motivational speaker, watch any video etc…  I need to be with more people that know me and fewer people that think they know what’s right for me.

I had to pray and take my spiritual life seriously because this life is just a pot of watery beans and I might as well dedicate it to a higher cause no matter the questions and doubts I have…

Talking about Spiritual Life, let’s just say the Journey is slow, but we are getting there. I am learning how to pray better and I have a post coming up about it.

I also saw faith in action in September and I’m just in awe of God.. I really can’t wait to share testimonies on here…

Back to the blog, I have another question for you don’t mind….

I am not sure who my target audience for this blog is. It’s affecting how Google sees my website and I kind of need your help to figure this out.

If you were to tagline my blog with 3 or 4 words what will you call it..

so far, I’ve tried

Tech, Travel, Lifestyle,

Tech, Travel, Finance, Books,

Stories, Lifestyle, Productivity…

Reviews, Places, Productivity..

I like my blog to be a mixture of gist and teach and other things but I need to tell google something concrete about what we do here for SEO purposes

None of these feel right and I need your help to come up with something..

Please give me suggestions in the comment section below.

I have finally opened an account for a camera!!! I’m going to start Youtubing!!

Please give me topic suggestions.

I hope I don’t get Flat Footed.


What are your plans for this new quarter, new month, What progress are you making?

What experiences would you like to share?

Let’s talk in the comment section below.


I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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  1. So uhmmmm…did you post this on Oct1??…Cos I just got the mail today and checked the website
    First of all your blog is nice..I like the way you write and put your emotions into makes me feel like a family to you
    I hope I’m not becoming another Yewande cos the way I’m typing i feel I’m going to talk to much
    Second….I think your blog is your thing…you should just experiment and test run things and lets see how it works out for us…*us* US…in case you didn’t see it the first and second time
    When I first read your post on alte Lagos and I commented…I also subscribed and I saw something like can connect with you in my mailbox…it just gave me your email alone…I was thinking your phone number would pop so I can like text you…But it’s all good
    I’m a 300L UI student who’s just basically breathing in and out…so some more lifestyle posts…posts about your funny experiences…or even if I can share some of mine with you would do…Peace out✌

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