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My October 2018 Recap.

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Christmas is 8 weeks away and I don’t know what else November is useful for other than to remind us that Its almost the end of the year and we all didn’t achieve our new year resolutions…  Lol.

Welcome to November guys.

How was October?

October was pretty uneventful for me. Or maybe not.  Let me try to recap.

The month started weird with my mum being sick and I had to spend the first week of the month in the hospital and then the next week at home so that she will stay in one place.  Half of the month gone. Just like that.

I was awarded a workspace voucher by LSETF  for my business and I started working from WorkStation…  The vibe there is so cool and the people too. My friend from church coincidentally works there and convinced me to choose them.

I did but I didn’t make the best use of my time there. The workstation is cool because of the people there and the vibe there but I didn’t really get to network with people (cos I’ve forgotten how to, con of working from home) and I didn’t take any cool picture of the place.

oh wait..i took one of my keyboardless laptops.

I might have to pick another coworking space closer to my house she cos I spend too much time transiting there because of Lagos traffic. Remember my post on places to work from in Lagos? Traffic in Lagos is still bad and I still hate it… Nothing new there.

What else happened in October… Oh, my sister got an iPhone 7 and she’s been taking bomb phots of me… Check out my Instagram for more for the transformation. All my siblings also hit a major milestone.. super grateful!

I also ordered for a new PC keyboard from Amazon. I got it in about 2 weeks and was so excited, I even did an unboxing on my instastories… then I found out that I didn’t need it the keyboard cos the laptop itself isn’t feeling too well. Sucks….

I helped to Project manage and do digital marketing for an event called Naija Reloaded organized by my church and I really like how things turned out… Do you know I help small brands figure out their digital strategy? And I really enjoy all things digital marketing and tech? Now you know…

I slept a lot in October. Lol. I just became a lazy duckling at every opportunity I found. A lie is too short.

I also started learning a new language … which do I keep forgetting but slow and steady right?

I write my goals down every week cos I watched a video by Terri savelle foy  (whos my online motivation mummy) about how and why this is effective…  My goal accountability partner sent me some goals I wrote down in April and I had achieved some big ones.. almost 6 out of 10… I was so grateful to God…..  I wasn’t expecting it.  It’s really not by power and not by might…  keep a journal guy… I can’t overemphasize this enough.

My bible study group has picked up again.. And if you are interested in joining. Pls, let me know in the comment section below. You have to participate sha.

So Plans for November…

mobile learning

I need to write the PMP certification exam. I just can’t sit my butt down to study. I don’t know why I get soo distracted. Who has tips for me?

I need to complete my Udacity course and projects… I haven’t been able to because of a lack of a functioning computer.  I have to find a way around this.

I started a new project some days ago… I took a grow your Instagram course by Evan Kimberly and it’s sooooooo good. Someone gave me a coupon (it’s expired now) and I decided to use the learnings from his course to start a new project.

It’s an Instagram account for all things tech by me.

Please check it out and follow.

It’s called Digitech…  I’m really excited about this. It also ties into my tech blog and portfolio.

I really enjoy writing these posts as they are completely unplanned and they allow me to review my month and give thanks.

I started this post thinking ..hmmm nothing really happened to me in October but look at this…

So now to you… How was October 2018 and what are your plans for November?

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Hi, Im Yevandy.

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