My Lessons From GTB Food and Drink festival.

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Do you stay in Lagos Nigeria and you didn’t hear about the GTB Food and Drink Festival. I’m sorry to tell you that you live under a rock.. 🙂

Lol.. Just Kidding sha.. but the publicity for this event sha!!!!!

GTB was everywhere, They sent emails, text messages, YouTube ads, billboards etc… they went all out. The GTB Food and Drink Festival was a 2-day event from the 30 April to the 1st of May 2017. it was an exhibition of food vendors, restaurants and chefs. It was also a well-executed event hence this post!! It was a fantastic event, world-class and professionally done.

There was heavy rain on the second day and the crowd still showed up. I wish I could review every aspect of the event but I was truly there for the food and nothing else so I’m going to talk about the reason I bought the things I bought and my general observation.


  1. The first thing I bought was cashew Nuts from Lion Cashew and that was because the sales reps were quite nice. The owner was also there and I had a very good conversation with him.
  2. I patronized Andies Candies because she is my colleague at work and I had to show some love..
  3. I bought Nikita waffles from some duds because had cute mickey mouse waffles and ice cream.
  4. There was this food hut that people were struggling to buy their food: Y? cos it was appealing. they had a goat roasting outside, and they had grilled corn on cobs which I’ve only seen in movies.
  5. I go a really colourful yoghurt
  6. I got fresh juice cos I was thirsty
  7. I got chinchin from Uzos food labs for my mum cos it was unique but my mum didn’t like it..  🙁
  8. I got some dried fruit that tasted really nice at the venue but when I got home, the taste became different o. LOL.
  9. Funtuna’s eggs were really innovative although I personally won’t eat them. They were selling already boiled coloured eggs.
  10. Bread… cos you know… its bread!!
Some things I observed during the festival include
  • Everybody and their mothers are selling prepacked food. while this is a very very good idea, its no longer unique and starting to get over flogged. My 2 kobos:  if you actually want to start repackaging Nigerian food for real, then start thinking of exporting.
  • I personally think at a fair your goods should be cheaper not more expensive as you can reach more customers. this wasn’t the case here sha.. which got me wondering and kinda confused.
  • It must be stressful packing all your kids to an already crowded place, saw so many screaming babies but
  • A kids corner at an event draws a lot of Nigerian parents..  there are not too many fun options for kids nowadays.
  • There’s nothing new under the sun again. That your fantastic idea, its probably been done before. You just need to find a way to do it better.

In conclusion, I believe Nigerian brands are getting better and more innovative even though we have to stop copying. In life/business something will endear someone to you or your product, the earlier you find and start doing that thing, the better for you and maybe more money

Did you go to this event? did you think it was fantastic/Good? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. Lol @ everybody in Lagos is selling repackaged food. I agree with you that it’s no longer unique but wetin man go do haha
    Great review of the event!

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