My Favourite Quarantine and Social Distancing activities so far.

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I am writing this on day 10 of my Covid 19 induced self-isolation journey and ill be lying if I say I have been productive. I have been as lazy as Garfield and now I am beginning to get cabin fever. I rotate between sleep, work, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix and WhatsApp.. rinse and repeat daily. 

Now that you are here, you are probably looking for activities that you can do in this quarantine period. Your wait is over. 

I created this notion page with a comprehensive list of resources and tools and activities to do from home for fun or for work. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Link here

Below are my favourite activities: 
Sleep is obviously a top fav.

Unproductive things I am doing by myself

  1. Eating and cooking. Sisiyemmies tutorials are my best.  
  2. Social media. I haven’t joined Tiktok but there’s no reason why you should not, Instagram, and Twitter have been my best friend. Join challenges, go live, watch people go live.
  3. Celebrity concerts and virtual fun sessions: Go to your fav celebrities Instagram account and see if they have a date for an insta-live concert.  I joined that of Asa, John legend and Sauti soul. I’ll be joining more as I hear of them. I also join ain’t parties and DJ sets and dance 💃 in my room.

Unproductive things With friends.. 

  1. Watching movies with friends with
  2. Having lunch and gisting via google hangouts.. Everyone with a Google account can use this.
  3. Playing games with

Productive things by myself

  1. Working out using the downward dog app and other free workout apps like workout trainer by skimble.
  2. Learning new skills.. I am focusing on learning about investments, a new language, and relevant Tech skills etc. (PS, the apps linked here are offering free programs because of the quarantine so yay!!)
  3. Video calling my mum and siblings.. on WhatsApp. 

Productive things doing with my work colleagues

  1. Learn how to properly work remotely. and
  2. Strategy sessions and virtual coffee with colleagues using Remo and other tools.
  3. Share jokes, articles and experiences.

Productive ways to Help other people

  1. Volunteer to help out less privileged people with groceries, online shopping, emotional support etc. 
  2. Donate to relevant NGOs, hospitals and patronise local businesses around you
  3. Stop sharing unverified and false information. 


This is the most important thing you can do right now!!

What have you been doing? What other suggestions do you have? Share in the comment section below.

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. Afolayan Bukola Reply

    Thank you so much Yevandy for sharing this amazing tips with us. Really hope I am able to use them now that this total lockdown is happening in Abuja for two whole weeks. Sigh

  2. Thanks Yewande for sharing these. My own hands are full though, but these apps I am downloading. Coursera and Edx too are offereing some free programs this period. Well done babe.

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  6. Please do you have any idea where I can volunteer . I am really interested

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