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My title really doesn’t make sense.. Don’t overthink it..

I red a lot of books in February.. A lot of books…. and I even had time to take notes and write reviews..

  • +234 guide to being Nigerian by Atoke
  • Lean In by Sheryl sandberg
  • GirlBoss by Sophie Amoruso
  • Royalty by Tito Idakula
  • Kikelomo by Kikelomo
  • Ella Chinda..
  • What it means when a man falls from the sky and other stories
  • Binti by Nnedi Okorafor
  • The hate you give by Angie Thomas..
  • Geralds game by Stephen King.. (couldn’t finish this)

wow.. i completed 10 books…  WOWWWW….  anyways some of them were really short sha.. but my best book so far is The hate you give by Angie Thomas.. recommended by Goodreads.  Amazing book.

i also started some books that i couldn’t finish

  • geralds game by stephen king creeped me out…
  • the 50th law by Robert greene
  • the lean startup by eric ries

as you can tell.. i had a lot of time on my hands.. i also spent 2 weeks with my friend in Porthacourt and most of what we did was eating, gisting and reading… in no particular order..

You will be seeing a lot of book reviews soon.. that i promise..

Notice how most of the books i completed are authored by women?

This month is international Women’s Month and March 8 is international women’s day. therefore, ill be reviewing only books written by women this month starting tomorrow.


March 1st was also world book day and a god friend and I organized an event to mark this with girls in a government secondary school.. It was Lit ya’ll…. You guys should follow me on Instagram to see videos from the event. i cant wait for the professional pictures to get to me.. 

i love to attend, organize and support events like this not because I am perfect or extremely privileged but education is a passion of mine and I have friends that really want to give back to their communities. My friends own this company called Izorg where all they do is help people organize CSR led events.. isn’t that awesome.. They organized a trip to the cinema during Christmas for children in an orphanage and it was the best thing ever. If you really want to give back but you don’t have the time to plan something, cos of work or other responsibilities reach out and they will help out with all the logistics and all you have to do is show up on that dat do your thing and go home… check them out here..… Another friend of mine runs Get inspired TV where she does something monthly for women.. Join her community here… We organized this together..


in my regular fashion,  ill be sharing my major life lessons from the month of February.. .. Thanks to all the books i have been reading, I am also learning a lot.. i hope they stick with me for as long as possible.. the lessons include

  • To be calm and patient: i am super impatient… the perfect example of a Microwave millennial.. i am always
  • over planning and over thinking things and sometimes i need to just let go… this is hard ya’ll.. i am a control freak and need to know whats happening next.. which also leads me to
  • Get rid of my sense of entitlement: cos who says you deserve all the things you have? We truly do not own anything in this life anyways so stop thighting things to your chest.. i also need to
  • stop Multitasking: i am a terrible multitasker.. but i love to multitask cos like i said.. i am impatient so my mind naturally says, why not do all these things at once abi..  doesn’t really fro well for me. i found out that when i stop multitasking, its easy to
  • Give my all to whatever I decide to do: i found out its easy to do this when i stop multitasking. better to have one good cake than 10 half done cakes. i also learnt that
  • Life doesn’t let you do what makes you happy all the time.. But I can always find happiness in what I do.
  • Comparism… i am still struggling with comparism but i am getting better now. as i
  • learn to find the silence and the joy in it… The noise that’s in my head most times ehn.. is almost unbelievable. i am gradually learning to be comfortable with silence both inside and outside.. as i
  • continue to Trust the process.. One very important thing i did deliberately was to
  • Stay away from complainers and
  • Mind what I watch/listen to. Read…


My app of the month is the first 5 app.. available on iOS and android.. it has really improved my spiritual life.. The explanations are realistic and simple and its just fun to read.

i am grateful for the time to read and all the lessons i am learning.. How did February go for you, what are you grateful for and what are your aspirations for march?

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Hi, Im Yevandy.

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