Where to find what’s happening in Lagos, Nigeria.

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One question I get a lot is how do to find events to go to in Lagos. I don’t know why people ask me this because I could be one of the most boring people ever.

me, everyday

But one of the advantages of owning a business in Lagos is knowing about the latest things going on in town. which include events, brands, influencers etc.

 Lagos is a city that never sleeps but because of all chaos and noise, it might actually be difficult to find out what exactly to do during the weekend/Public holidays or days you just want to chill.

This is made worse because of how unstructured everything is in Nigeria.

Please don’t go near the Cinemas, Beaches and malls except you want to be swallowed by a mob of people who also don’t know what else to do with their weekends…

While I might not be an extrovert, I have some reliable sources of information when I need to recommend cool events/places to people

Check out the following pages:

  1. Noting to do in lagos #NTDIL: This is my number 1 trusted source for events in Lagos. Their consistency is on point and they send you a newsletter on Thursday to prepare you for the rocks Heres a link to their mailing list and a link to their Instagram account. They even have iPhone and Android apps. I haven’t used the apps but if that isn’t dedication to what to do in lagos then I don’t know what is.
  2. Lost in Lagos: This is an online magazine and brand with content on the trendiest things, places and events in Lagos. What I like about their publication is that they promote the whole Lagos Lifestyle. They show events, brands, restaurants etc. Check out their magazine here and Instagram account here. I honestly don’t know how they can afford to curate all this content and give it to us for free. But I’m grateful sha.
  3. I’m not 100% sure what EnjoysThey call themselves the ministry of enjoyment. I think their purpose is to show you how you can enjoy yourself in Lagos. Heres a screenshot of some of the things they offer.. You can check out the full list on their instagram account. They feature events, fine dining, experiences, etc.. Im not complaining sha. Heres their instagram account.
  4. Eat drink lagos: This blog shows food and drinks related events which there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of in Lagos. Not for everyone, but if you love food and have enough money to spend on Lagos dining, then this is the site for you.
  5. Lagos events on Instagram. The name says everything.
  6. This is for more intellectual and professional events. If you want to find the next toastmasters session in lagos, meet up with other Project managers or UX developers, then is the site for you.
  7. Eventbrite: Yea.. Nigerians actually use Eventbrite a lot. You’ll find all sorts on there from church events to concerts, seminars etc.
  8. Facebook events near me: This is an amazing feature on the Facebook app that shows you events around you. I don’t know how many people use this fetature in Nigeria. But I use it to find concerts and events whenever I am outside Nigeria/ travelling solo.
  9. Nigerian Twitter: If you are part of 9ja twitter, or follow the influencers on there, you’ll surely find events targeted to the twitter crowd. events like socialliga and mente de moda have been made popular via twitter. Just check the trending section or look at what the influencers are tweeting. Btw… Follow me on twitter here.
  10. Bella Naija events page also called #bnrsvp  Another trusty page to post and find events around Nigeria.
  11. Lagos Lifestyle bloggers. Follow people like Deola adebiyi, Cassie Daves and other Lagos based Lifestyle bloggers.

If none of these pages show events that rock your boat or meet any of your interestes, then you shouldn’t be in Lagos for a long time or just sit in your house as I do. Lagos living is a lifestyle. A very expensive one if I may add.

If you are not sure what kind of events to go to, you could check out my Alte Lagos post on alternative things to do in Lagos. Might be a little bit dated but still super-duper relevant.

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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