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How to find positivity in these times

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Its been a stressful couple of weeks for almost everyone around the world. I’m sure even if you live under a rock, you would have heard about either COVID 19 or The Corona Virus. 🦠

After going through a panic attack caused by the consumption of way too much information, I decided to start focusing on the positives, the good news and the little things I can do while sitting my pretty butt in my house.

This post in no way attempts to take away from or minimize the suffering of people who are seriously battling this disease, taking care of loved ones or the heroes who have to be in the front lines every day. We pray for, support, applaud you all. I also hope we are all able to make better decisions that will ensure no one is ever put into a situation like this again.

Now to the somethings that have been making me smile this period.

  1. More recoveries than deaths… As bad as this virus might be, I think its good news that more people have been able to survive. I think this means that this virus won’t wipe us out. Try as it may. we are stronger and we will conquer.
  2. People are keeping a reasonable distance… As a claustrophobic person, I have never liked crowds or people chewing gumming me. Years of squeezing my way in danfo buses have scarred me. Now everybody can respectfully demand 6 ft of personal space in public. oo. Can you feel the fresh air?
  3. People are less selfish: This Pandemic has taught a lot of us that you need all to have one. Progress doesn’t come when you only have yourself in mind. If you buy all the toilet tissue in the world, then you have to smell your neighbour’s unwiped ass. True.. Some people are still hoarding and acting like jackasses but a lot of people have gained understanding.
  4. Creative solutions to everything: A boy in northern Nigeria made a prototype ventilator from local materials that hopefully works. Newscasters are filming from their homes, people are making robots to open doors and touch doorknobs.. lol.. I love it.
  5. Amazing content: Have you heard about the don’t rush challenge? Heres the video my friends and I made. Musicians are creating content from their homes, InstaLives, Tiktok is having a bang Have you seen the daily show from Trevor’s house? Amazing and hilarious content everywhere.
  6. Celebrating essential workers: I think its an Irony that a lot of the underlooked workers are the ones we need most now. The delivery guys, garbage collectors, truck drivers, Health care workers etc. Some countries are applauding their health workers, some are paying them a lot more, People are helping to take care of their kids. The stories are amazing from different parts of the world.
  7. Free to be fat and sassy, unbathed and smelly, unproductive without judgement: Because we are all in our houses.
  8. No bras.. no jeans… no makeup.. I can’t fit into a lot of jean pants so I just put them at the back of my closet and wear shorts.. I blame the washing machine sha but yay!!
  9. Companies seeing that working from home is possible: This is a really big win for people that live in traffic prone places like Lagos Nigeria and Los Angeles California. Why should you spend so much of your life on the road when you can do your job properly from home “How will you do HR from home? How will you do Accounting from home? How do I know that my employees are actually working? ” No company can give you these BS excuses anymore. This pandemic has shown that with the right systems in place, working from home is possible.
  10. You take some time off to rest, know your family etc… For a lot of people, this is a time to just rest and chill which is perfectly ok. Now you can hear how your partner talks to his colleagues, or that your sibling pick his eyebrow when stressed or that your dad’s food is actually overrated but you though it was bomb cos you only have it once every year.
  11. People are cleaner… washing hands, cleaning doorknobs.. The people with OCDs have never been happier. Now they can inflict their comedic madness on everyone and you can even complain because.. CORONA. smh. 😂. In all seriousness.. wash your hands and make sure everything around you is clean enough so that the virus won’t survive there.
  12. Learning new things: whether it’s learning how to dance, bake banana bread or how to code, I applaud everyone trying new things this period. Boredom is driving people to try new things, A lot of companies are giving away courses for free and then there’s also youtube.
  13. Random acts of kindness: People buying food for the less privileged, helping people get drugs and other essentials, People giving out Airtime, data and money to people that are running out, just checking up on an old friend etc..
  14. Online Parties and events with strangers: On zoom, Facebook live and other platforms.. People are organizing tea parties, rap competitions, Friday parties 🎉 🥳 🎈 🎊 . If it can be done remotely, then it will be done.
  15. Nature is happy: Animals are playing on the streets, smog has lifted in some parts of India and fishes are coming back to certain ponds. Mother nature is sure wilding out now that fewer people are polluting her.
  16. Finding God in your heart and not in a building: This is an extra point that just crossed my mind. For a lot of religious people, we are distracted with Sunday and Friday activities. Cleaning the church, preparing for service, stoning the devil, getting your clothes ready etc… Now that worship places are shut down, we all have to actually use this time to face our maker and not our religious leaders.

Ok, I think ill stop here. Have you heard any positive news this period? If you have, please share in the comment section below or send me a tweet

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