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If Apps were cats, I’ll be that crazy cat lady.  I am obsessed with apps. I can’t use any phone that doesn’t have up to 32GB memory space and I have multiple SD cards. I spend a lot of time so much time on the app store and on product Hunt site TBH.  If you have a problem I probably know an app that can help you out, that is if it exists.. The Irony of things is that I am not interested in mobile app development. Ill rather create content.. At least right now.

I have decided to review a list of the mobile apps I use a lot. My interests change all the time and some weeks the most used apps on my phone could be the Yoga app, other times it Limekiln but there are some apps that I’ll always use no matter what. They are:


  1. My number one App is WhatsApp: I don’t trust you if you voluntarily do not have or use WhatsApp. I am a true fan of Whatsapp, I think its is one of the best inventions since sliced bread. atsapp.. I hate phone calls.. All my friends can attest to this.. I barely call and I pick up fewer calls. Please just whatsapp me… Whatsapp is such a part of my life that I don’t know how people go weeks and months without it… I just don’t understand it.   I use WhatsApp to text(obviously), send pictures, voice notes, video call, make business transactions, edit pictures for my business, group chat etc. when I get bored I go to the WhatsApp status section and check out updates. Its also my new snapchat. The Interface is also perfect for me. I use WhatsApp for soo many things and I have some tips and tricks which might be useful for you.
  2. Datally: For a self-professed app addict like me… its inevitable that I spend a lot of money on Data… The amount of money I was starting to spend on mobile data was quite embarrassing for someone that has unlimited Wi-Fi at home and at work… and I barely have a social life… at some point I had to have an intervention for myself… I started researching ways to manage my data and Tada!! I found Datally… it’s has been a data saver so far.. I still spend some money on mobile data but not as much as I used to… datally helps monitor the way you spend your mobile Data.. Not only that it acts as a form of VPN on your phone and restricts apps from using your data while you are not actively using them. So say bye bye to those silent data zappers (side eye to app store and google play store). It slows me down a little but I can live with it.
  3. Pomodoro: This is not a very popular app but it is very useful.. I use it when I start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of Tasks on my To-do list and I just can’t focus… I know we all have those days. Its simply a timer app.. You set your timer for a task and the app starts to countdown.. Somehow the sound of the app gives me a form of urgency… when the timer has run its course, you get a 5 min break which I usually use for social media… After 5 mins your timer starts again and you are on to the next task… It works for me 80% of the time.
  4. Google calendar: This is not the google calendar that comes preinstalled with your phone… theres this new google calendar app that helps you schedule your goals, tasks, etc.  Its amazing. The best thing about it is the fun and colorful interface. Now I dislike the normal boring phone calendar.. Why white and black when you can have a colorful and interactive calendar. Do you guys remember the paper calendar that people usually shared out at weddings? I thought it was old school until I got one at a weeding… I digress… this is Gist for another day.. Lol. Anyways ..with This google calendar app, you can set a goal on it and it will help you find time on your calendar for it. Say you want to find husband on lekki ikoyi bridge for example, go to the calendar and set it there… go jogging on the lekki-ikoyi bridge 3 times a week in the morning…. Dassall. You get reminders 3 times a week and you get to tick it off when you are done. It actually stores the amount of times you worked on this goal.. If you are using one of these health conscious big phones then it could connect to your health app. This is just one of the features. Let me not finish selling its market here..
  5. OneDrive: OneDrive is also not very popular with non-Techie people but OneDrive it’s amazing.. I have gone through a lot of phones and for a writer like me, one annoying thing is that my notes disappear when I change phones.. But with OneDrive I still have all my notes from 2012.. Still intact… It saves everything!!!!!! I use onedrive to write all my blogposts because I can start on my laptop and continue on the bus if I have to go out.. The Syncing abilities are topnotch thanks to OneDrive.. Microsoft cloud storage.  I prefer it to Evernote and all the notes app I have every used..
  6. Google maps: My next best app is Google maps.. Most people use google maps for direction, I use it to monitor traffic. If I see small red on the map im moving my meeting to whatsapp video.. I wrote a comprehensive review of how I use google maps for Lagos traffic here.
  7. Podcast app: this is where I get inspiration when I am down I hate that android doesn’t have a dedicated podcast app. If you are using an iPhone and you don’t use the podcast app then you are doing yourself a big disservice. .. I love to watch YouTube videos but the ads annoy me.. The Podcast app can be used while driving, washing plates or while I am sewing which I still do. Theres so much content you can download and it will make a big difference in your personal development.
  8. Outlook Mail App: The app we all open when we want to prove to our bosses that we are serious… Me I am a serious person sha.. That’s why its one of my favorite apps… lol.. I send a lot of emails I use 5 email addresses actively… (personal, work, business, blog, newsletters and trainings) this is not including the playplay accounts I have and the one I use for specialized purposes…My best app to manage mail on my phone is the Outlook Mail app… Its very sweet to use on both Ios and Andriod.. The color is so calming, it syncs all my mails perfectly and I cant even explain it.. Its just nice to use. You should try it.
  9. Lithium: best eBook reader ever…. I havnt tried so many eBook readers because my focus is just finishing all the books but this app is very easy to use and good for epub. You can read pdf books anywhere but most books are formatted into epub and its always an issue for people that want to read books on their Phones.
  10. First Five: its my daily devotional and I love it so much.. The idea is that you give your first 5 minutes to God just before you do anything else. The content is basically targeted at women but I thing anyone can read and apply the devotional content there.  The interface is nice, it doesn’t take up so much data, the language is easy to read and everybody contributes. My best features are the moments, wall papers and weekly video lessons. Perfect for people like me with short attention spans and are tired of “You shall go to hell fire if you don’t pray for 2 hours devotionals ” I actually feel like I’m learning more about God and not about religious doctrines with this app. Not all the content in it is free and it doesn’t work offline. If you can look past that then you are good.
  11. FLO:: MEN and WOMEN get in here… This is an app for monitoring your monthly periods.. Its surprisingly accurate for me and everyone I have recommended it to. It takes data you have put in about your first second and third period and uses it to almost accurately predict when you next period will be and when you ovulate. I love that it starts to warn you about your period days before so you are not caught by unawares.. It also takes note of your symptoms and gives you tips on how to manage them. I don’t get why we exclude men from Menstruation talks and education… Men download this app so that you have more info about how the female body works, why your babe is suddenly cranky and how to have better sex. Download it now. Ignorance is not an excuse.
  12. Candy Crush: because sometime you just need to keep a child busy so you can sleep or you just need to step down from real life and play small.. Stop holding everything tight to your chest..


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Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. Have you ever tried Things 3? It’s my all time favourite productivity app! Especially paired with the Mac and iPad versions.

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