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Le mois de MAI… April 2018 review

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I still can’t come to terms that’s its OK not to do anything.. Like how is it fine to be a useless ball of human mass and still be happy with yourself?

I cant help the guilt that comes after a lazy Saturday.. I am always trying to make up for lazy Saturdays on Sundays and I start the week stressed again.. Just one big circle of stress…

Yes self-care all you want… but am I the only one that feels very useless when I am not productive. Yes? No? You too? Apparently this isn’t healthy!!!


This is one of the things i need to work on about myself……

To find peace within myself and to stop feeling guilty for not doing anything..

Just read, listen to music, sleep, listen to music and ignore everyone and feel fulfilled after.

Fingers crossed!!!  Lets see how this goes!!!

bible study
Bible study


I love that I have gotten into a routine for some things and I don’t have to think before doing them.. Eg:

  • I have a hair regimen that works for me now..
  • A Skin care regimen that just might be working
  • A workout routine: …
  • I go out at a consistent time every morning, I drive against traffic so I am always relatively on time to work and school. Rush hour in the evening is still horrible sha. SMH!!


Boss LadyHuge news!!!

No 1….

I started learning French guys!!!! And I love it..i am just wondering why I didnt start earlier..

I have to learn french unsuccessfully with Duolingo and i just never registered for classes because i just like “where will I use it?”

But!!!!! I traveled to Cotonou in April and made up my mind to learn it.. I got back to Lagos on a Saturday night and registered on Monday morning.. Its been 2 weeks now and I cant wait to start comment allez vouing everyone…


News 2.. I was offered 2 Udacity scholarships!! Nerd alert!!

Yay!!!!!! I am so happy but ya’ll shouldn’t celebrate yet.

The way these scholarships work is you get 2 months of initial study and then the top 100 or 150 students actually get into the nano degree program… Ill actually celebrate when I get into the nano degree programs but this is a fantastic start!!!


My sister big chopped last weekend.,, she went Natural and its not really new but im happy she has come to the see the light!!

I love when my sisters are home cos I don’t have to pay for makeup or hair care… lol.. We DIY everything for ourselves!!

Its just amazing and I am very grateful…

Here’s to a productive may!!!!!!!!!

What are you most excited about this month???

share in the comment section below…

Have a great month guys!!!

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  1. Congratulations on the scholarship. I’d gour Mon – Friday is busy then you shouldn’t beat yourself about a chilled Saturday as I’m sure your mind still does some work on that day. Yay about learning French. It’s something I’ve thought about as welll to so with my partner to be included in our bonding techniques.

    • Thank you Stephanie !!
      Yeah learning a new language with your S/O is such a great idea…. I don’t know why i didn’t think about it sef..
      Thanks for stopping by

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