Lady Wisdom: A study of Proverbs Chapter 8.

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Happy new year!!!!!!.

Hope you’ve seen my post on the review of 2017 and my 2018 goals.? You should.

My younger sister started a WhatsApp bible study group some days ago where we pick a book of the Bible in the month and study a chapter a day… We started with proverbs as the popular choice..  and so far its been very interesting.

By 7 pm everyday everyone comes together to share what they have learned and ask questions and suggestions. and I have been learning a lot.

By 7 pm, I am probably on the road or very busy so I end up sharing my contributions in the midnight or the next morning.

I also prefer studying the bible in the morning… when do you prefer? Morning or Night?

Anyways… Yesterday I started typing my learnings from chapter 8 of Proverbs and by the time I decided to transfer it to WhatsApp, I found out that I had written a blogpost cos it was long…… lol.. #teamtalkalot. This is what happens when you have a lot of things to say.. (or just talk a lot in real life) you tend to write longer unwhatsappable comments.

btw… I have the worst WhatsApp habits… It takes me forever to reply messages… (the things new year resolutions are made of.. )

Back to the main point of the post before I start rambling…

I though Proverbs 8 was really interesting.. Proverbs 1-7 was really nice and really focused on discipline and faithfulness in marriage and death to wicked people…  Chapter 7 almost repeated chapter 6 and I was glad to have a new topic.

It entirely spoke about wisdom and the benefits of wisdom… My versions also referred to wisdom as a woman. I used Message, NIV and Good News Bibles for this study. Also, I try to look for real-life examples applicable today to understand the scriptures more. some lessons include:

  • Wisdom is always looking for us
  • No one is without hope or repair.
  • You can be foolish now but if you truly desire wisdom, and you seek her out, you will find her.
  • She literally says she is waiting at the gate of the town for us, shouting out… Are we too busy/ distracted by the noise of the world to hear her? (for us is it the noise of Social media, music or football?)
  • We should desire discipline over money as that’s what’s more important (let me give you a real-life example: during elections, which is better… discipline yourself to pick the right candidate or the one that gives you money?
  • Knowledge over a lucrative career. According to message bible (another real-life example… If you have been working for a while… you know that the hype plateaus after a while and you become stagnant if you don’t keep on learning and developing yourself.. You could even have a younger person take over you if you are not careful. That to me is how knowledge is better than a career)
  • Nothing can compare to the wisdom
  • Wisdom is better than Wealth (another real-life example.. Will you rather be as rich as trump or as wise as Oprah or Obama?)
  • To honor God is to hate evil… No only avoid evil.. Like truly dislike it
  • God Hates pride and lies..

Now the chapter tells us the characteristics of Lady Wisdom (I like how she’s female… after all the Ashewos they have been talking about in the other chapters lol…. Shows that there can be good women as well as bad women)

These characteristics of lady wisdom apply to us if we decide to follow her

  1. She is full of understanding… we will be if we follow her.. Imagining just getting stuff as soon as you see them.. I really desire this..
  2. She is strong (as we should be)
  3. She is a policy maker as kings can’t rule without her
  4. She is open to any and everyone… There’s hope for every single one of us.
  5. She is also wealthy…. (which we will be if we follow her… delete all notions of poor wise men… as wisdom helps you get money.. Clean money)
  6. She is full of honor… ( senior Honorable…)
  7. She has prosperity.. Prosperity is wealth plus other things… I attached a picture with the dictionary meanings… Prosperity is wealth plus peace of mind, thriving in all areas of life, clear skin, joy plus many many other things.
  8. She has success (you can’t help but be successful if you follow her)
  9. She is better than Gold or Silver or a good Job… I believe a good Job is good.. But with Wisdom, you can have more than that.. With wisdom, you can have businesses and creative endeavors that earn you more money in addition to your salary…. Or even consult for big businesses.. There’s a lot we can do with what we have,
  10. She is righteous and just…. She doesn’t take nonsense.. And always tells the truth… no corners with her.
  11. Again… she is accessible to every and anyone..
  12. She is the first thing created… she was here before the world was made… and beautifully describes how the oceans, mountains, and clouds were created… so much beauty.. This passage referenced revelation 3:14 where someone was with God as he was creating the earth… who I interpreted to be the Holy Spirit…

Guys… the book of proverbs was talking about the characteristics of the holy spirit all along!!! Even before Jesus came… isn’t that amazing..

  1. This means she has a wealth of experience… she has seen it all.. And because of this.. Theres nothing you ask her that she can’t answer correctly .. A wise Old woman!!!!
  2. Feminists In the House… The Holy spirit is Female!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This passage admonishes us to, seek and find the holy spirit, listen to her.. And live a life of discipline.. And you will be fine.. (You can listen to the Holy Spirit in different ways which include prayer)

Proverbs talk about discipline so much that I’m beginning to think it’s almost on par with the prayer to me cos let’s look at it… Unbelievers succeed in life with discipline… we that now have discipline and prayer shouldn’t dull ourselves… This discipline applies in every aspect of our life not just in spiritual things.

Apparently.. She’s present in the still of the morning and is up early to do stuff… wake up early to commune with God people… repeating my question above.. when do you like to pray? morning or night?

The Holy Spirit is Life and is here to help us go through it… The bible didn’t say there won’t be trouble.. But God will be with us.

God will be pleased with you if we follow his word…

At the end of the day… she is life. living and existing without her is death…. I present to your life and death. (Deuteronomy 30:15-20).

Wow.. That was quite intense.. And very informative… have you gone through the book of proverbs or even the whole bible? Got a bible study group? online or offline… share in the comment section..

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