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Hello November…

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Can you believe 2017  is almost over…

I’m happy and sad about it at the same time.

I have so many goals still unachieved and so many things to do but at the same time ive been able to achieve so many goals and do so many things. I probably should write about how my year has been in an end of the year post. In fact I will.. if I remember.

I have a lot of free time this month and I am quickly filling it up with activities.


I am looking forward to going to the Ake Arts and Book Festival. I really want to know what its like around creative souls and see if it would spark something up in me again. I know I am a writer at heart but I have failed to show this to the world. Lets see if I can get a nudge in the right direction.

I am also really starting a business called Eva and Daisy where I make and sell beautiful and colourful things made with the African Print.  Fabric. Ya’ll should show me some love on Instagram. I decided to make lemonade out of lemons last year and long story short, I started a brand called YS by Yevandai. Only problem? No one could pronounce the name and I wasn’t confident in my brand which showed in my sales and operations. I didn’t exactly rebrand persay since there was no solid brand to begin with. I changed the name, and direction and viola, we have Eva and Daisy which is my new baby.

Eva and Daisy
Eva and Daisy


Interior design: I’m looking for a good and straight to the point interior design course cos I feel like my new baby needs it to flourish. 🙂


I am thinking about cutting my hair, dying it blonde and starting the whole natural hair journey again. My relationship with my hair has been full of ups and downs, mostly downs if I’m honest. I do not know how to take care of my hair and I honestly couldn’t care less. I’m hoping starting all over will help me build some form of relationship with it. To document it here or not?

Moving out: I feel its time to move out of my parents house. apart from the fact that our personalities clash sometimes, its been awesome staying here and I love free food and accommodation. Its just starting to feel like my parents home and not my own home. who feels this way sometimes?

Unfortunately, my parents are super conservative and I don’t think they will entertain the thought of their Unmarried daughter staying alone in the big bad Lagos. Sigh.. I understand sha.

I really would like to be part of a movie or play production this month. Acting, directing, writing, costuming, …. any of those. The last project of this nature I worked on was in secondary school but I’m willing to learn if someone is willing to take me..


Comparison is the thief of all joy. Just putting it out there.

Project management: I need to write the PMP exam, I’ve taken classes and I’m halfway ready, but I foresee this being a next years project..

Online courses: I signed up to and I’m really enjoying taking classes on there. I’m also thinking about creating my own online courses on skillshare or udemy. what do you think I can teach?

Travelling: I’m going to Abeokuta to Ake festival and I hope to go to another west African country soon. hopefully sooner than I think..

Here’s my November… Man proposes, God ……

Happy new month Ya’ll.



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  1. HNM! Firstly, I think Yeva & Daisy would be more ideal cos nothing represents African in d name Eva & Daisy moreover, its makes “Yeva” a brand name.

    On ur hair, so far its nice & lovely, bah wahala but remember, the festive season is here. So, do what will fit in now & later.

    Moving out!!! Abegi. Just sit back, relax & enjoy ur privileges there. The right time to move out will definitely come.

    Project Management, Online courses, Travelling… √

    Finally, thou we know HE disposes, I think I’ll prefer placing my order with Matt. 7:7 then use Matt 21:22 as toppings.

    Wishing u d best of November

    • Hey Ladi,
      I totally agree with you.
      Im still brainstorming on the name sha. Yeva is also not an african name but i totally get your point.
      Lol… yes o. Christmass hair has to be on fleek.
      God bless you for these bible verses.
      Wish you too the best of November.

    • Aww.. thank you very much. Been reading your blog for a while now and i loveeee your photographs.
      Thanks for stopping by here.

  2. Really nice post Yeva, about the moving out i totally understand how you feel with the personality clash.
    Am sure the Ake arts and book festival would be a display of undiscovered talent enriched with the Yoruba heritage, you can’t afford to miss such an event, your camera lens would capture wonders.
    Not a big fan of the plans for your hair, you can do without dying it blonde.
    Stay wavy..

    • Thanks Dapo.
      I guess most people my age feel the same way. Im really looking forward to ake festival.
      Lol.. still thinking about this hair thing o.
      Thanks for stopping by..

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