Growing My Hair: Things that helped me grow my hair significantly

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My Locs have grown so much in the last 1-2 years and I thought to share here, things that I think really helped. 

I love writing about hair because it’s our crowing glory… no matter how it looks. 

I decided a while ago to love my hair how it looked but I didn’t like the fact that I was putting so much effort into it but instead of flourishing, it was actually breaking off. 

I also really really like the look of long hair, no matter how much I loved my afro, I desired to have naturally long hair now out of my scalp and now that it does, I won’t sit up about it. 

Hair also has a way of affecting our esteem, confidence and how we show up in the world. 

So very quickly here are things that I believe have helped my hair grow so much:


  1. Prayers 
  2. Multivitamins 
  3. Not doing too much 
  4. Consistent and Personalized routine 
  5. Water and Sun 


Because God cares about everything. I also saw this YouTube video about how Prayers helped her hair grow and she now has really long afro hair. I decide to add this to my prayer points and I guess God answered. Dephne grew her hair 20 inches in 3 years. Shows that God really cares about us.. even the tiny silly things. 


I was obsessive about taking my vitamins during the pandemic and some of them contained Biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B and other valuable hair-growing vitamins in them. Having overall good health and supplementing with vitamins means my hair had all the nutrients it needed to thrive and grow and grow it did. 

Not doing too much (with Styling and Relocing)

With locs, you’ll think people would do less but I find that people manipulate more to achieve that sleek, laid-back look. I don’t mind looking ”unsleeked” for a while. It also helps that I still work from home in Tech (an industry with less strict dress codes). Relocing your hair too often weakens your locs. I reloc max every quarter which gives my hair 3-4 months to chill and grow properly in between sessions. I reloced 3 times in 2021 and I have reloced only once in 2022. (We are in June now) Leaving my hair to “fallow” in-between relocs and not over-manipulating has really helped it flourish 

Consistent and Personalized routine.

I don’t follow a routine to the detriment of my hair. I do what makes my hair happy. If my hair feels dry then I hydrate and moisturize it. If it’s feeling bored then I style. Routines were made for the hair not the hair for routines so your routine should serve your hair/ make it happy. I also try to keep things as simple as possible. I shared my routine in this post.

Water and Sun

I heard this from Yanni the Locologist (she’s amazing with locs btw) and initially rolled my eyes but it’s actually true and backed by science. The sun provides a dose of vitamin D which helps to create new hair follicles and thus promotes hair growth. Water provides much-needed hydration and some minerals depending on what’s in your water.  Our bodies need all these natural elements to flourish why not our hair. Wearing wigs all the time even as a “protective style” won’t let your hair flourish the way it should. Let your hair out sometimes.. Let the sun touch it. 

These points influence general hair growth and not just loc growth. 

Have you tried any out? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 

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