Funemployment Ideas: Fun things to do when you are unemployed.

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Losing a job or being out of active employment can be an awkward and depressing time for a lot of people.  You see your friends talking about their work experiences, going out with colleagues, complaining about traffic and you cant participate in the conversations because you are most probably stuck at home, thinking about your life, probably broke and depressed. I can totally relate to this as I was outta a job for a period of time in 2018 and while it was a slow and awkward period, I decided to make the best outta my free time, while doing my profitable side hustles.

Note: This post is targeted at people who are unemployed but have a side hustle, savings or daddys money to fall back on. Please if you have family responsibilities, you should focus your time on trying to make sure that ya’ll dont starve.

Sure it’s very easy for people to say “spend your time looking for a new job” or “start a business” Looking for a job can also be a frustrating experience and let me not start on the challenges you’ll face when trying to start up a business. Yes please look for a job if that’s next on your list but so you don’t let the frustration of doing that consume you, here’s a list of other things you can do apart from stalking people on Twitter:

Here are my suggestions 

  1. Find a way not to starve: The unfortunate thing about being unemployed is the lack of money to survive talkless of grooving. Identify a legal source of income, no matter how small. There’s this joy you get from receiving a credit alert once in a while.
  2. Sleep, Rest… eat.. You have enough time to rest.. Take it.. Especially if you live in Lagos. You deserve some rest, take it, but don’t sleep all your time away.
  3. Read books/ write: set or join a reading challenge. 100 days of writing. 25 books in a year. Books by women, classics only, a book from every country.. Etc. the possibilities are endless. You’ve always wanted to be a voracious reader, here’s your chance.
  4. Write: set or join a reading challenge, eg: 100 days of writing. Who knows if you’ll be the next Chimamanda or Linda Ikeji… Write away, my friend. You can get a Biro and notebook for less than 100 Naira/ 1 USD.
  5. Volunteer: give back.. you might not have money but you have time to give your time to worthy causes. This could look good on your resume, connect you with your helpers, or even score you brownie points with the Universe/God.
  6. Travel: For my ballers, cos travel isn’t cheap, if you have saved up enough money, here’s the time to add globe trotter to your Instagram Bio. For the broke ones, exploring your city can still count as travel.. If you know how to package it well.
  7. Catch up with friends: You know those friends that are always like “you forgot about me”, “Long time o”.. This is your time to reach out.. yes disturb them .. Let them take you out now.. all you got is time.. Now no one has the excuse to say you forgot them.
  8. Brush up on courses: It’ll be a shame if you have all this time and you don’t learn a new skill. MOOCs are free, there are free skill acquisition courses in almost every city. You could even be an apprentice to a local artisan if ‘book’ is not your thing.. Get creative people.
  9. Figure out and work towards the kind of Job you want
  10. Apply for Graduate School.
  11. Go to networking events… especially those ones you missed during the week…
  12. Make a list of activities you haven’t done and do them..
  13. Go house hunting.. For your dream apartment.
  14. Create your online course: Everybody knows something that some other people dont know. Now you can
  15. Freelance

Sleeping away your time is a horrible idea guys… lol… I tried it. It sucked, and you’ll be poor. It’s best to keep yourself busy while you are unemployed for whatever reason. But what can you do to fill in your time productively?

Hi, Im Yevandy.


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