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February is here… Happy new month people and minions!!!! Hope January wasnt too long for you as it was for alot of Nigerians.

I took some time off reallife in January initially to restrategize but i ended up using all that time to sleep and waste my data on instagram. No regrets. Ill try to stay off social media in march.. 😊… amen

I wrote the ielts exam and my one of my next blog posts is about the exams and my tips for writing it.. i just hope this one doesnt expire like the others. At first, i need these exams, then i hurriedly write them and after i get my results, Something else comes up and the exam becomes irrelevant again…. le sigh.

Le sigh..

Reflecting on: My Birthday!!!! It was my birthday on the 21st of january… hurray!!! I had a blast..I wanted to sleep but my mum and best friends planned this amazing house party for me.. i was soo grateful.. theres nothing like family and friends around you!!! Plus good food.

If you follow me on insta.. then you would have seen updates from that day. You should follow me on instagram..

We also had a cake smash.. how else was i supposed to unleash the play play in me…

Grateful for: My bestis birthday is 10 days after mine and a ticket to PH miracoulously came up.. i grabbed it with my two hands and legs.. i am currently chilling in ph with some natuve soup, bole and fish.. living the lavish life that i truely deserve

Listening to: I created this playlist on spotify thats the old school of old school.. it was inspired by an add i saw on Facebook while replying to birthday messages.. check it out and thank me later..

Working on: Anxiety. I officialy get a little bit to anxious for nothing. prayer usually helps but i think i need to see someone.. dont worry im fine now.. but i went 2 nights without sleeping well all cos i thought i was gonna miss a flight i had not evem booked.

currently reading atokes book.. +234 a guide to being nigerian.. and its a very good book.. Hillarious and informative… its a collections of essays.. i should do a review soon. I really like atoke, especially the way she writes.. i think the book should be read by newbies into nigeria… Nigerians who are used to tje nigerian system might not find anything new in there..

Someone said i write like i like ofofo.. gist. I promised to do writing prompts.. its February and i havnt even started.

Wishing that: my front hair wont grow so slowly.. i am tired of the shiny forehead look.

Wish you guys a new month!!! Dont give up on your resolutions yet..

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. Happy belated birthday!

    Reading this post of you in Ph chilling with native soup and bole and fish made me more home sick.
    I’m a Ph girl currently in Benin for a three month work thingy and have been missed native soup like bad. Egusi soup will soon grow on my head.

    How was your ielts? I wrote one late last year. It was my first time and thankfully went well.

    • Thank You Tamie!!!!
      aww. you are a PH girl!!! I like you already..
      don’t worry.. very soon.. very soon.. You’ll be back home!

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