Blinkist: Another way to read more books this year: Even when you don’t have the time.

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Its one thing to set a reading goal, it’s another thing to actually achieve it…

Hello guys, how are you doing?  ready for 2018?

Yep, I see you setting your ” realistic” reading goals for 2018 which we all know you may or may not achieve…

“Major side eye” lol.

I am really trying my best to set goals for 2018 and unlike other years, …. boy am I confused on the direction I want to take with my life.  Am I the only one? is there a WhatsApp group full of like-minded people I can join?

I was thinking about sharing some of my goals on here to keep me accountable but still thinking about it. To share or not to share? let me know in the comments section…

Anyways… I want to share this app I mistakenly found which I think will actually help you with your reading goals… Don’t close the page yet, hear me out… Remember I shared how I try to read 25 books in a year, I actually found another way to read more books through this app.

I don’t remember how this app got onto my phone? I’m sure it’s from one of my download binges from the app store.

BTW.. am I the only one that goes crazy with app downloads sometime (with free guilt free Wi-Fi).

Don’t judge.

Anyways, this app is called Blinkist. and its the only reason I am currently reading a book on Vikings and the power in the sea. I feel so smart btw.

I found it on my phone one fateful; day and decided to see what it was about…. it’s literally a life (book) saver and I’m most def going to use it more in 2018. It actually even kept me company on my way to the AKE festival.. before i started gisting with the people around me.

More Deets on the app and why I am recommending it. .

Blinklist: is basically an app that takes books, summarizes the books and gives you the key points.

Yep sounds awesome or horrible depending on how much of a nerd you are but I really like it and I think you would too.

Who used those tiny key points booklet when they were studying for JAMB or WAEC….. let us know ourselves abeg…  Blinkist is just like that except this time you are not trying to pass a bureaucratic exam.

They key points are also delivered in audio or writing. You pick the one you prefer.. I usually switch between the 2 depending on what I am doing at the time.

They are perfect for when you are driving, gyming, washing the pile of plates from Christmas… I think doing dishes is the most unproductive activity in the world. that’s when I use blinkist most. but Guys, you can technically read 4 or even more books when you are stuck in Lagos traffic. isn’t that awesome. BTW you are stuck in traffic because you didn’t read my post on Lagos traffic. 

I also like that they have a huge collection of books, from fiction to non fiction to motivational etc… There are mostly serious books there sha. you know those books you buy when you are motivated but you don’t finish cos you get bored halfway? (referring to myself here). This is a good opportunity to read those books. Now you can have a reasonable conversation with those weird consultants that quote 48 laws of power without spending 1 month trying to read the book. Genius.

The app operates on a freemium, meaning some features are free and some you have to pay for. with the free part, you get one book per day. with the paid version you get monthly unlimited access to all the books. I use like the free version right now and I get 1 book per day.. some days I am too busy and I miss the book of the day so I am thinking of actually paying for it.. One day. one day… With the free version, you can actually read 365 books in one year.. but trust me, you’ll miss some cos life happens. but you might need the paid version to read 4 books in traffic. ..

Try out Blinkist here and let me know what you think about it….


In unrelated news,

I really enjoy fiction books but I also know the importance of nonfiction.. they give you education in a way that school wont (at least Nigerian schools) non fiction books (not necessarily self-help) kinda make you smarter on a particular topic if I must add.

I was introduced to audio books a while ago and while it’s a fantastic way to read, I only knew about audible and I wasn’t able to pay for my subscription (dollar/Naira wahala). because audible also reads out longs books to you, its easy to get lost while listening especially If you are someone like me that gets distracted easily.

I am thinking about recommending one App every month or monthly Tech tip in 2018. Yay or Nay and which do you prefer?

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