July 2018 review

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While its summer everywhere else, its raining cats, dogs and trailers in Lagos, Nigeria

I do not like the rain. Especially In Lagos. Everywhere is grimy and muddy and everyone is angry.

About the trailers, a group of people have decided to hold the whole of Lagos hostage by parking their trailers on the road permanently for no good reason..

There’s traffic gridlock everywhere and it seems like no one can do anything about it..  sigh

my prefered means of transportation

If you have been following my blog… my content has been somehow and enthusiasm has been down for a bit. In fact all my blog posts in July were scheduled in May…  June and July have just been bleh!!!

I had to find new reasons to blog as the reason why I started blogging initially stopped motivating me.. I also noticed that a lot of my fav bloggers also started getting demotivated to blog and that spirit started to get to me..

I recently cleansed my feed and started following newer bloggers from different parts of the world and its been quite refreshing. I also started following a lot of female Tech bloggers and while the community is good, We really need more women in tech. who has noticed my newer Tech posts, about coding, Apps and devices here.

A change I need to make here is to start writing for an international audience but with my Nigerian tone.. I looked back at an article I wrote for a publication a while ago and I still cringe reading the Nigerian slangs that the primarily American audience probably didn’t understand.

I am also trying to be myself in all aspects of my life.. It’s very easy to say but difficult to do… I had to stop going for events, meeting people and other activities that influenced my decision making.

While this took a negative impact in my job search and everything else…  I am gradually knowing who I am and what I can do without external influence and external approval.. Its easier to separate the wheat from the chaff!!

Great results but the process sucks….

Moving On

Update… I stopped going for French classes to focus on other things but I really miss it… “weird right” . I cant wait to be a Polyglot.

Am I the only one that noticed how angry people are on twitter? Everyone is so outspoken … both wise and stupid people.. Unfortunately… the voice of foolish people always drown out that of the wise.

I still love twitter tho… My timeline and profile page is a mess as I just retweet funny things all day.

I am also interested in freelance work… doing a little of it but not as much as I would like to.  All these courses I’m doing are not just for play o. I have gone through so many books and courses these past months and I need to start practicing stuff.

My friends and cousins have been getting married recently and I have started getting the ” don’t worry God will do your own soon comments”  I was just a small girl the other day to these people o… lol. Its soo hilarious thinking about it .. I am super grateful that my family and friends don’t put marriage pressure on me because some of the comments people make to and about unmarried women are just mean..

People… words hurt.. .

Pls stop putting pressure on people to do stuff.. Its not fair.

[bctt tweet=”Self control is underrated…. Self control is everything.” username=”yevandy_”]

Sooooooooooo Happy New Month!!! How was July?  What are your expectations for august?

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.


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