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I was craving puffpuff for a week. I went to Shoprite and bought all the ingredient required.. Flour and Yeast dassall.. I got home mixed everything and waited.. Puffpuff dinnor rise o.. Tried again the next day.. I still didn’t rise. I went on YouTube, followed Sisiyemmie and 9ja foodie.. Puffpuff Still dinnor rise. As I am talking to you… Puffpuff still no gree rise. No puffpuff batter has risen in one week and my flour has finished. While this was happening I was lamenting to my friend who got tired of my Wahala, came to my house and carried me to look for puffpuff… We found puffpuff after 2 busses and 1 kekenapep (tricycle) to Mushin. We spent almost an hour back home because police stopped our bus to search 1 man and there was traffic… On a Sunday Night. Now body has rested.

No relevance to my story but shrug


Hey Guys… Long time no see.

March was a really rough month for me.. See how I’m just saying happy new month to you guys in the middle of April. Where is this year running to? March showed me Pepper!!!

This post is super all over the place so forgive me..

March was Full of a lot of uncertainties that I carried into April. They are still there but I’m coming to peace with the fact that life doesn’t go as we plan it and that’s ok.

Funny enough.. I didn’t get as depressed as I expected because I got to stay with a number of friends in Abuja. I had travel to ABJ in the middle of march as I had an exam to write there.. I had only 1 week to study for the exam so there was no time to be depressed and mope around. After the exam I hung out with my bestfriends for about 1 week and it was the perfect therapy. Good friends are priceless.

I have about 3 more exams to write before the end of this year, that’s why I have been slow with the blog and social media but I’m starting to find a balance

I have been thinking of Freelancing a lot nowadays but I don’t know so many Nigerians in Nigeria who are successful at it.. If you know anyone pls ill like to speak with them.

I have a lot of travel posts in my drafts, but my poor photography skill is now becoming a hindrance. Lol.

There are 2 online scholarships I recommend for Tech interested people here: data science by Bertelsmann and Front end Dev by Google … closing very soon so apply while you can.

Have I ever said how terrible I am at standardized exams… Fortunately I am getting better with them and I cant wait to share all resources and Tips used for my exams (I have written a lot of exam in the past year and more to come.. ) Ill also be sharing on skills and strategies to pass.

If you have written a particular exam and you would like to share tips and resources,, please email me and lets work a guest post out

Have a great month and lets see what April holds in store.

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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