A look back to 2018 and Goals for 2019.

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Happy New Year my beautiful, wonderful and amazing blog readers.
I know I’m super late and most of you have stopped telling yourself happy new year but here is my own Happy New year to you!!!
Thank you for reading, commenting and liking and sticking around in 2018 and welcome to 2019.

Strange and Random thought, I can remember people being so excited for the year 2000… entering a new millennium and I was just wondering what the raucous was all about… I didn’t understand what the big deal was then. 19 years later and here we are… How time flies right???

I didn’t plan to do a review post… Everyone seemed to be doing one and I didn’t want to write one just because… But I am in the process of transferring my site from to (which is a lot of work btw) and a post-export gone wrong compelled me to go through all my posts one after the other and as a form of gratitude, I think I should write one.

Here’s a link to a review of the blog from 2017, written in 2018 too. I didn’t even remember that I wrote a review…
This is the beauty of documenting and looking back…

Review of 2018 on

2018 was a great year blogging for me. To be honest, If I measure how great it was based on the standards of other bloggers then I won’t even bother. In this spirit of not comparing and just celebrating individual greatness, This blog was good to me in 2018. It brought me opportunities, I met people that recognized me in restaurants, I made my first $$$ and I hit 10,000 readers.
10,000 people have visited this blog!!! guys….. That’s super AWESOME!!!

I didn’t achieve all my set down goals like being featured in top publications like CNN and other big publications which, to be honest, I completely forgot about but here we are.. Happy, thriving and growing.
I started the year with this post about a book of the Bible and promoting a WhatsApp group my sister started to read the bible. .
I started the monthly reviews on the blog
Had at least 2 posts per month..
Reviewed … Tech products  for education and Lifestyle
Wrote nothing about finance
Reviewed …. a lot of Books especially during the International women’s month.

In the not so good sides, I saw my blog engagement go down in 2018.. Its true what they say about your emotions translating into your writings.. I was kind of disconnected from the blog in 2018.. My older posts fetched me more views and my newer posts got no comments. I blame that on myself cos if you are observant, you would have felt the drop in energy and the forced posts sometimes…

I was consumed with promoting, getting SEO right, grammar, plugins ETC.
My site back end was also a mess.. I had so many plugins, I deal with spam comments too frequently, I have almost been attacked by viruses and most importantly I’m kinda outgrowing the name becomingyeva.. I noticed that people don’t remember it and its hard to promote different names on social media, (Becomingyeva and Yevandy).
These reasons and more are why I moved from to
I took a survey on Instagram and WhatsApp and a lot more people prefer to …. And the Yays have it!!!

Moving on to:

Blog Goals for 2019… drink

My first goals for 2019 for this blog is to move to I would have used my name “yewande”  but I am actually building a different brand with that which is more career-related. is already live but I won’t be launching till my birthday which is the 21st of January. I am building the site from scratch which thinking about it now was a big mistake but its all good!!!. All links will redirect to come January 21 and I’m launching with a bang.

The second goal is to Invest more in the blog. If this blog is going to generate revenue or influence for me then I better invest in it. I started saving for a camera for great travel pictures because I have soo many travel posts in my drafts without a picture.. I purchased a theme, premium hosting and a new domain name, I am also getting a hard drive, apps, plugins and other digital sturvs.

Next is Youtube.. I don’t know how this is going to work but I have thought long and hard about this and I want to at least try. I have a lot of content which I think will be received better with video but I am very camera shy!!! Phew oh help me, God. If all things go right, I intend to publish at least 8 videos this year. *Fingers crossed*

Sponsorships and partnerships: I am now open to sponsorships and ads and affiliate links on my site as long as they are on my terms. SO brands apply within. I intend to do reviews, opinion posts and tutorials for brands. I wasn’t open to this before but I have attended training, bought books and I have discovered a way to do this without selling my soul to the devil.

Guest posts: I intend to have a guest blogger on this site monthly and Guest write on other blogs too. If you would like to partner with me in any way pls reach out. I have about 4 guest posts lined up and will still work on more.

Create quality content: Video, Blog posts, Emails, Publications etc. Let’s see if I can do 3 monthly on this blog. Or 4 if possible… 1 per week. I also intend to be known as a tech and productivity content creator.  More like a Tech blogger for non-techies.. You’ll see.

Build a mailing list to at least 1k people: Every professional blogger swears by this… Time to try it out. He guys, pls sign up to my mailing list. I promise not to spam you and ill send you freebies and valuable content. Signup here:

Stat goals:

100k hits, 1000 email subscribers, 10k on social media, 50 posts in total, 2k subs on YouTube, $5000 revenue.

Some look impossible but if your goals don’t scare you then what will?

The goal, in summary, isn’t bigger and better but quality, revenue and relevance. I may or may not tick all these goals and I’m learning that that’s fine. I have a full-time job AND businesses. I have a real life which gets in the way of plans.. So pls don’t crucify me if I slack. Lol. Remind me but don’t crucify.

I have decided to include personal goals below because.. Just because.

Personal Goals.

I have 6 main goals this year in a random order. goals

1) Build (Make revenue and Impact )my digital business and this blog
2) Get excellent in my career as a Product Manager.
3) Learn a language to a level of proficiency. At least B1 level
4) Read 25 books. (Check out Goodreads at my sidebar)
5) Get more spiritually conscious.
6) High-quality partnerships and Friendships.

So its your turn…
What are your goals for 2019?
How do you set them?
I have shared mine.. It’s time to share yours.

Do that in the comment section below.

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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