2021 Review

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It’s review time!!! 

I really enjoy writing Yearly reviews. 

I sometimes end up crying out of gratitude, the pain of some memories, and a combination of many other feelings but I still love eet. 

I always beat myself up about how inconsistent I am but I have been writing some form of yearly reviews/resolutions since 2013

2013: (Now a Broken Link), 2014🙁hidden site), 2015: (incomplete) 2016: (Guest Blogger) 2017, 2018: 2019, 2020

I deserve a pat on the back abeg. I really should stop being hard on myself. 

Some helpful tips that help me with these yearly reviews are: 

  • Saving all photos on the cloud. Google photos and one drive work best for me. 
  • Taking a lot of random pictures 
  • Recording myself doing random stuff
  • Reading other peoples reviews. 
  • Writing down my thoughts and just general journaling. 

Let’s get into the review. 

The biggest thing I did for myself in 2021 was I joined a coaching program called Immerse inner circle. I was submerged into a world of personal development

It started with joining a random conference during the pandemic. Like everyone else,  I was joining webinars up and down to fill in extra time the pandemic gave us and I needed to feel as productive as possible. 

I decided to pay to access the replays of the sessions I would miss at this Live Awake Conference in case the timing clashed with work but the plan I paid for included other online courses and a WhatsApp accountability group. 

Every week in the accountability group, we had to watch and review a video. The WhatsApp group also had amazing ladies who were doing inspiring things. It was something to look forward to in the first quarter of 2021 and I spent most of my free time watching as many videos as possible so I could contribute to the weekly reviews. A lot of the videos are hosted by DDK and that woman in fire!!! She made me see how truly fulfilled, powerful, Purposeful, knowledgeable and Joyful you can be when you draw directly from God. I love her so much and I am consuming all her content on Youtube, Immerse and everywhere else.  DDK and Jumoke Adenowo have really given me a picture of a future to look forward to and I love eet. 

I felt comfortable not executing anything for the first time. I really wanted to work from a place of Grace and Purpose. 

 I continued life at a slow pace, doing nothing much different from 2020 and loving it. I didn’t take on too many projects like I usually would, the projects I needed to work on came to me and I worked on them at my own pace. New friends and relationships came to me, I started to wake up early and stop hurrying into everything. I leaned into work and Learned a lot. Some days felt boring but were actually really good days, I set fewer goals and just learnt contentment as a whole. 

I found Eziahas blog and her journey and passion were a source of inspiration too. 

I learnt so much from Immerse in the last year and I plan to collate learnings on a Notion page so I have everything in one place.

I also joined communities like NessLabs, Upwomen and BA Tribe. All very beneficial to my growth as an individual.

In February, my baby sister decided to get married, I initially gave her grief for it as I didn’t see the sense in getting married so early when your life is just starting but talking to her I discovered that getting married early doesn’t mean your life has to end. That was a key learning moment for me. We had her wedding ceremony in July and It was soo beautiful. 

My best friend also got married in Toronto and in Port Harcourt and that was also amazing.

This means I had to travel to Nigeria twice in 2021 which I loved. First for my sister’s wedding in July and for my besties in December. I also got a God-Baby from another bestie, Bukky. 

Segway into travel, Traveling to Nigeria during summer means I missed out on summer in Europe and used up my limited vacation days but I still got the opportunity  to travel to a few places, most significant were 

  • Lisbon Portugal which I wrote about in My Lisbon Trip !!!! 
  • IITA Ibadan: where I got to truly relax, rest, swim, take a forest walk and just breathe in fresh air… The biggest takeaway is that the soft life is for me. 
IITA Ibadan

Other places I got to travel to are: 

  • Copenhagen: That’s actually my second home
  • Bremen To see a dear friend 

In 2022, I hope to explore Europe more. I have a trip booked to Switzerland, I want to see the northern lights in Iceland, experience Greece and maybe Italy and Paris. Anyways No pressure. Will take them one by one. Thank God for Schengen residency. 

At this point, it’s the grace of God that’s funding this lifestyle cos my enjoyment level seems to be way more than my income which needs to increase tbh. I didn’t make a lot of money in 2021 but I doubled down on investments in stocks and crypto. I use apps like Etoro, trade republic and rise vest. I invest passively and consistently. I also have a system that works for my expenses and savings and investments where I have a fixed amount I invest before I start spending. I also continued in communities like FWT and Money Africa. One of my big focuses for 2022 is earning more and budgeting properly, maybe I’ll start taking all these passive income seminars and clubhouse rooms more seriously. 


Here’s my year in books according to Goodreads 

I set a goal to read 5 books but I read double of that. I read a couple of books that are not listed on Goodreads, hence I couldn’t track them. 

My best book so far was Beyond my Dreams by Jumoke Adenowo which I hope I get to eventually write a review about. A Broken peoples playlist has a place in my heart as it was set in Portharcourt, which reminded me of my childhood and Rewriting my ever after had so much wisdom and I have met the author. 

I also joined a writing program by Tomi Adeyemi called the writer’s roadmap and I hope I get to write my own book very soon.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual life Got quite a boost this year.

I started customizing my affirmations, joining prayer watches on the wild and doing a lot of devotionals using the Bible app. The community section of the bible app is a gem btw. It’s a good replacement for when you are staying off traditional social media.  

I’m starting to run outta steam so let me conclude. 2021 was an amazing year 

In 2022, 

It’s wedding season and I plan to leave these single streets for you people. I also want to start amplifying the things I do. I do a lot of things and I tend to minimise them a Lil too much. It has started to impact me negatively as I discovered I was grossly underpaid for my time and my skills in 2021. Now, If I carry biro and drop it, I will beat drum.

I plan to earn more, invest strategically, go on actual holidays, spend time in the presence of God and take on impact projects. 

Sounds easy enough right? 


Let’s see how this goes. What are your goals for 2022? How was 2021 for you? 

I have Special Content for your Inbox. Let me in!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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