Travelling with Natural Hair?

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In this my new phase of trying to take care of my hair, I’m looking back to see what I did right with my hair, what to continue to do and what to stop doing!!!


Taking care of your Hair in a new location can be a chore. You don’t know if your hair will corporate with the weather or not, the accessibility of the products you like, hair stylists, Activities you will do, cos even some kind of WATER. Can be bad for your hair.  Well, I am not about to miss out of a great opportunity cos of my Hair!!! Whenever I’m going to travel locally or internationally, the things I do are:


  • Research the place. What’s the weather there like? % of black people that live there, where will I be staying, activities I might get to do. Etc.
  • Pack hair staples in mini bottles and try to find replacements in new locations.
  • I also recommend packing products with dual use like coconut oil, Vaseline and shea butter…
  • Coconut oil can be used for the body, hair and even for cooking. (don’t ask me how)- -leave in conditioners my spray bottle preferably empty. There’s water almost everywhere.
  • Vaseline: My sister showed me how she uses Vaseline and water to lay her edges and it is the truth. It looks soo good.
  • A big satin scarf: which might even be used as a neck scarf on a boring outfit.
  • Contact my hosts and ask them questions… Even if it’s a hotel, Do you guys have a salon or spa boo?
  • Book a date at the salon, Deep condition and Make my Go-To Protective style. Braids.


My Go-to hairstyles for Travel are:

Braids: I mean, who invented this amazing and beautiful hairstyle. You can glam it up or style it down. It most probably won’t cause any trouble or strange looks, it can be in different colors etc… braids are just awesome. I really like it cos I can pack it up when I’m hot or in a hurry and don’t want to be disturbed by hair or I can leave it down or style it when I am going for a nice event or to a nice place. The drawback to braids is that they could damage your strands if not well taken care of. This is why I am where I am now. Too many braids.


Locs and Ghana weaving: I made Faux locs on my last trip outside the country and it was amazing. It was well made and my hair loved it. People thought it was my hair and I got a lot of compliments… the downside though was that I got profiled. In certain locations, Locs could be seen as a statement especially mine that was really long and looked very natural. Some people are just uneducated about some things and that’s just life. I also didn’t go on holiday to start educating peoples children … so. peace


Ghana weaving:  I also love Ghana weaving but they are not really good on my edges. I also have a history of staying longer than I actually plan to whenever I travel and the shelf life of Ghana weaving on my head is 2 weeks… It starts to look rough after that and I don’t want to start bothering about remaking my hair in a new place.


Weaves and wigs. Weaves are perfect for trips but can look so regular.. meh now Wigs…. I do not support traveling in wigs. Landed in SA some years ago and the wind blew my friend’s wig off. She wasn’t expiring it .. You also do not know if you would go swimming, go to the desert safari or get an opportunity to kiss dolphins. You now have to say no because of your wig… Nah…


You can also travel in your natural hair. It’s always beautiful. You just need to have your go-to products ready and some time on your hands to style properly!!


These are my tips.

Do you guys have any tips for traveling or going to a new location with your natural/ afro hair?

Share in the comment section below!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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