The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu Book Review.

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In the spirit of being a smart money woman, a friend passed on this book to me to read and I finished reading it that same day.

I had to send a few screenshots to a male friend who’s not so smart with money and wont be caught dead holding a book that’s clearly targeted at women.

I was going to buy the book at the SLAY Festival but God works in mysterious ways… 🙂


The fictional story line was kinda predictable. if you are a fan of short simple predictable stories then this is for you. For hardcore readers who analyze Dan Browns investigations and Steven kings horrors, the story line will underwhelm you. it involves a lady, her Lagos big girl but broke friends, family from Benin and a rich knight in shiny Armour who’s about to move into the most expensive part of Lagos. If this is your kinda thing then you are in luck.

The finance part of the book was very on point. Arese touched on Wills, Investing, networking etc. She also included practical exercises at the end of every chapter which was really helpful.

what I love most about this book is its practicality and timeliness. Financial Education in Nigeria is poor!!!  I know too many Nigerians who  know nothing about investing and think being rich is qualified by the size of car you drive. I wish something could be done about this mentality but at least this is  a step in the right direction.

Heck even me talking, I took some finance/ACCA classes in 2012 to and I sill didn’t understand money management and investments. To be honest, things like investments could be difficult for some of us to comprehend and put into practice. All we know is get paid well, or get plenty customers and use to money to take care of yourself full stop.

Smart Money woman speaks finance in an everyday man language. it is not judgy, doesn’t use big terms and breaks it down in steps. Step 1 do this. step 2 do this.

The investment lessons at the back of every chapter made it seem like a children book, but are we not all children.

Thats how arese breaks finance down.

She also name dropped a lot of Nigerian/instagram brands sha.. it made it more relatable to people like me but I can see how that could be annoying to some people. it was like those movies sponsored by Milo or glo when you see a green cup on every table.

You can tell i enjoyed reading the book abi. Shes coming up with a smart money workbook/ journal soon so you can lookout for that

something i took away: You can earn 1 million every month and still be broke. Talking about 1 million. see how I saved 1 million naira.

looks like my blog is really going hard for Finance, that was not the plan o lol, but I recommend this book.i give it a 7.5/10.

have you red the book or heard about it?

Let me know below!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. for a while, I have been deliberating whether or not to buy this book. Even after reading the excerpts, I still was not totally convinced that I should spend 10 pounds buying it. But your review has helped to make a decision – I am definitely getting it.

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  3. I haven’t read the book. A friend of mine said it was underwhelming and that people bought it for the hype. That it doesn’t speak to the layman on the street.

    Well, seeing your review, I might just close my eyes and buy it.

  4. I read it and found it a tad bit underwhelming. I agree with Onyinye’s comment above. It doesn’t speak to the ‘average’ earner in Nigeria. For example, to get out of her debts, the lead had to sell her designer bags/range. Really? The name dropping kinda threw me off too and I felt somethings were a bit contradictory.

    What I loved about it though was the simplicity. It was a very easy read. I picked 1 or 2 lessons from it. I’ll look forward to journal, hoping that it would be more practical than the book.

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  7. I live the book…it keeps me in check. I can relate to Zuri with friends who live above their income. I used to be constantly broke until ibread smart money woman unfortunately I lost my copy. I would love and appreciate an e copy.

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