johnny drille


I attended the Femfunds 2.0 event and it was a life changing experience. … well maybe not life changing but it was a really good event which I regretted not dragging all my friends too. I saw a promoted post of the Femfunds event on Instagram and I went ahead to register for it.. I usually register for events like this and forget but I actually put this on my calendar and set a reminder. I didn’t know what exactly to expect but I had a good feeling about it. It was a free event which was aimed at connecting and empowering women in their businesses and careers. Over 1000 women attended and I’m sure no one was disappointed. Why were we impressed? Firstly, the event started on time, which is super rare in Nigeria, the hall was well decorated and organized with professional ushers, there was a cute photo wall which all the ladies loved,…

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