investing in nigeria


Ya’ll that are regular visitors to the blog know about how I shouted about the wonders of Piggybank and how it helped me save 1 million Naira. Heck, I even got featured on Linda Ikeji. If you have not seen the post, here it is. That was almost 3 years ago and I am back with an update post on Piggybank now called Piggyvest. Apart from the name change, they have gotten a lot more popular, credible and they do a lot more than just a piggybank. Here are some things you’ll want to know about the new Piggybank: PiggyBank is now called Piggyvest. Yea, I know.. Piggybank sounds a lot better than Piggyvest but who are we to complain. They had their resons as explained in this blog post.. They are no longer a small company. They got investors who have given them or at least pledged to give…

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