Want to work in Tech without Coding?

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Do you ever see people do fabulous things with tech and want to do exactly the same but when you see a line of code, your brain just stops functioning?

Have you ever wished to work, contribute and just be an IT baddass but you honestly know coding isnt for you?

I see this a lot… and yes it is possible to work in Tech without coding..

Theres this misconception that a lot of people have now, especially with the promotion of Tech in the digital media, that working in tech === Coding. This is not true. There are soooooooooo many things you can do in tech that wont require you to touch a line of code.

I am relearning how to code thanks to my Udacity scholarship but if I am being honest, I don’t think it’s for me.. I do know how to code to an extent but I was never really passionate about it.. I know there’s been a lot of hype about coding and SW dev and bring more women into the field, which I am up for, but the truth is that while anyone can learn how to code if they really want to, It is not for everyone.. And it’s not as easy as people say it is… .

If you are in this same place but you are passionate about tech or just want to be like one of these fab tech ladies, I have listed a couple of roles you can do and comfortably work in the IT field.

  • You can be a sales person in tech: Yes The products created need to be sold by someone and Tech sales is a high paying career.
  • Project manager: Everything in Tech is a project, from planning, to creating the software, attaching it to a hardware, Implementing it, monitoring, controlling, repairing, updating… these are all part of the software lifecycle and need project managers to manage these.. You don’t need to know how to code to be a Project manager.
  • Product manager: You are In charge of anything that has to do with a product.. From the idea to how its made, to who it is sold to, how it is marketed and portrayed.. Etc. It’s a very lucrative career where you might need some coding skills to understand some things but wont necessarily code to do actual work..
  • You can also work in marketing: There are different types of marketing in tech: Product marketing, digital marketing, Growth hacking, brand marketing, company marketing, marketing strategy, marketing analytics… etc.. The list is endless
  • Technical writing: writing for people to understand tech, writing for developers, tech companies, reviews… etc.
  • Business development and Management: develop and looking for ways to grow and evangelize the business..
  • You can do research: Theres so much non coding research in Tech it’s amazing… If you are interested in tech then Research!!!!
  • Hardware: who do you think create the laptop/phone you are using right now… Yep a person in tech who probably didn’t code.
  • Ui/UX: User Interface and User experience is a big field that helps companies make products that people will actually like to use… If you like aesthetics and fashion this is a field for you…
  • Analyst: use data to predict the future of the business/ product or how the product should be made better.
  • Robotics: You need to code some parts of robotics but theres the hardware part..
  • Testing: Yes.. Everything that’s made has to be tested.
  • Database guys: database is a whole field on its on.. There are engineers, designers. Etc for just database… You need to code a little for this but sql which is the language used here isnt so difficult..
  • IT support: Help people and enterprises with IT issues, configurations, training, IT poilicy etc.
  • Network engineers and managers: This is another wide interesting field you can go into.
  • Cybersecurity :  Another broad field in which you can choose if you want to code or not…
  • FinTech: now this is not an actual Job but a field you can specialize in if you are inclined to finance..
  • BioTech: For those in the Bio and Medical fields. Have you heard about genetic manipulation, Doctors stethoscope that works with AI and Machine Learning?

working on a computer by Yewande Oyebo

This is the great thing about tech, There’s something for everyone and my list isn’t exhaustive… Then there are also other ways you can apply tech to real life and what you are doing but we will talk about that another time..  IT businesses also need Sales Marketing, HR and Finance guys too so those skills are not left out

You need a positive mindset to work in tech. You can’t walk around thinking that AI is the Antichrist.  You need to be inclusive, you need to believe that you can be anything you want to be… You also need to want to change or create something…

Is there anything you want me to expand on here? Do you work in Tech or are interested in Tech? Share in the comment section below.

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. I’m all for tech without coding. The first thing people wana know when they find out you are interested in tech or when looking for an IT job, is ‘how many programming languages do you know’.
    Still trying to break my way into the tech world tho, hopefully soon, i will be able to say i am a non-coding woman in tech.
    p.s: I love your blog, so much to learn.

    • Yay!! Thanks for stopping by!!
      That question could be quite annoying.. hopefully people will soon start to realize that you can be a non coding techie!!

  2. Nice piece! There is more to every business than the business itself and coding is not an exception.

  3. SomebodySomewhere Reply

    Nice piece Yeva. Saw the link via slack page ( thought i visited that spot after a long while). I really agree with your point here and i am pushing for more business minded individuals ( more entrepreneurs) to really jump on the tech space..There is so much to be done that require no knowledge in coding . Tech is business and business is tech these days , if you agree?

    My skillz is in biz dev & strategy , i worked on a project to develop and design a web app , i knew nothing about coding , the outcome was fantastic (i actually did manage a tech project )….i was proud of it …i had no knowledge of coding , all i did was to collaborate with the programmer to deliver…..Today, i have picked up interest in coding. Sadly, some of this tech starts up only see tech and are completely oblivious of the amazing value & insight a none-tech gifted mind brings to the table.

    Yeva, between the various spectrum whether it be business or coding or whatever, there i so much to learn, share and do together….collaboration is inevitable if the Nigerian tech space is to evolve .The earlier some of our over-techie folks and over self-glorified + arrogant business entrepreneurs understand , the better for us all.

    pardon my grammar , had to type this in a rush….


    • Thats fine…
      I really appreciate your comment.
      Yea I totslly agree that Tech and Business (and other fields) go hand in hand.

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