My thin and Fine Natural Hair Journey

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When I was about 6/7 years old, I came home from the hairdressers place crying… I mean wailing like I just lost a puppy. Why? My hairdo was too tight… I almost couldn’t think. It was the famous thread, or Kiko hairstyle which we all hated but were forced to do when we were younger. My dad asked what was wrong with me and I told him it was the hair. The thread was too tight around the hair. Being a good dad, he told me to get a scissors so he could help me take out the thread. I happily found a razor blade instead. My good father then proceeded to take out the hairstyle by cutting the thread off… what was unknown to me was that he cut off all the hair thread with my hair. I was just happy to be relieved. I went to bed. I resumed school the next day with no hair on my head.

this is Kiko

In my Hello November post, I wrote about my hair struggles. Basically how I wanted to cut my hair and start all over..

apart from the comments and calls telling me not to, my biggest motivation for not cutting, locking and dyeing my hair was my mum…. My friend mistakenly mentioned that I wanted to do drastic with my hair and she went all Yoruba village woman on me… taunting me for daysssssss….. I jejelly went to pick up my wig.

If you want to know a typical yourba mother, just look at Tiwas mum in SGIT..

whos a SGIT fan btw? lets meet ourselves in the comment section!!!!

Since my mother Proceeded to make my life almost miserable, here’s what I decided to do in the last months.

I got some hairducation

That means hair education. I started reading and watching YouTube videos about natural hair. Here’s a not so fun fact. I have never liked hair. I never learnt to take care of my hair (or any other persons).. not because i wasn’t thought.. but i wasn’t interested. I hate how long it takes to make and how it hurts so bad. I had low-cut for most of my teenage years and anytime the hair started growing back, ill hide it back in weaves or braids. Guess what.. I never learnt to take care of my hair. Well I decided to change that. some of my learnings include

  • I have thin and fine natural hair and it is very porous.
  • my hair isn’t so common.. it’s just amazing how unique everyone’s hair is.
  • combs are not my friend.
  • i need to deep condition and moisturize constantly.
  • my hair breaks easily
  • do stretched out hairstyles.
  • products do nothing for me.. technique is everything.
  • braids are not my friend
  • i should let a style stay in for too long
  • i need to be observant to know what my hair likes and what it doesn’t. (very hard for me)

I thought my hair type and texture was one of the most common ones… but alas, I was very surprised when I found less than 10 youTube channels focusing on thin and fine my hair in dept

I however found this YouTube channel where she give some serious natural hairducation and I picked the ones that applied to me. You should check these channel out if you want a change in your hair journey.

My hair loves a lot of water, likes to be stretched and low manipulation.

I also learned that technique over products.. how you handle your hair, matters more over the products that you use .This just means that I don’t need to buy expensive products for my hair anymore… am sooo happy cos hair products are not cheap!!! I can buy good quality, original, affordable products and I will get the results I want when I use them the way my hair wants.

Guess what!!!

I found this really nice store in Tejuposho market and I bought the necessary products I need for my hair. looks like a lot but this is literally all I will be using for my hair in 2018.. looks like a lot I know… but everything in this picture literally cost me less than 15,000 Naira.. and i get to shop only once.

i got 2 shampoos, 1 regular conditioner, 1 deep conditioner , eco styler gel, coconut oil fo about 6000 naiar which was an amazing bargain…. the rest like cantu leave in conditioner, curling cream, treatment masque, fabric for my sation bonnet, hair pins, a wide tooth comb, spray bottle and a weave spray i already had and cost me less than 10k when i got them all…

I gt big jar sizes so that they will last longer and I have 2+++++ sisters who will help me finish these.. most hair products typically have a shelf life of 2 years.. well the onbnes in theis picture sha.. I check all the Best before and expiry date.. which is very very important.

you klnow another advantage of thin and fine natural hair, we don’t have a lot of hair on our head so we use less products….

I looooove braids but thanks to them I have no edges 🙁 so I’m hoping to stay off braids in 2018.. lets see how that goes.

oh.. trimming you hair regularly Is also very veey necessary.. when you don’t trim, the bad hair at the tips start to spoil the good hairs and everything just turns bad… like when you add sour tomatoes to sweet stew.

I am now talking from experience cos I had so much split ends, I had to almost trim away half of the hair on my head.

so I’m starting from almost the scratch now..

good luck to me

My current regimen includes a lot of wigs and daily moisture (basically just pouring or spraying water on my hair pere). I find hair lingo so confusing sometimes..

i also had a salon experience from hell…… If i tell you, you’ll almost cry for me… who wants gist? lol.

whos starting their natural or relaxed hair journey from the scratch like me? raise up your hand… and lets share stories in the comment section below.


Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. Ah, the days of kiko. I can feel the pain as I type this lol. I’m a SGIT fan, impatiently waiting for the next season. I’m actually so excited for TiwaMide2018.

    I think it’s great that you decided to do research on your hair so that you can know what works for you. That’s better than just taking the generic natural hair advice. I also like what you said about technique over products, that’s actually so true.Plus, I can’t believe you got all your products at such an affordable price, that’s very impressive. Good luck with it all! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

    • lol… same.. i used to feel the pains of Kiko daysssss after taking it off…
      Yay!! Tiwamide2018 must happen o… im sure theres aso ebi for us viewers..
      Thanks Demi!!!

  2. Took a déjà vu route to when my mom made my hair plaiter do ‘koto’ on my hair. Came back home with a very straight; ‘at attention’ and a uni directional head, that could either move to the right or left without the entire body turning with it. My dad was like ‘kilode?’ He sympathized with me and pleaded with momsi to free me.
    Yes I got the freedom. Alas! At a cost!
    The next morning, the hair plaiter got the shock of her life when she saw me walking down the street with a perfect ‘bololo’; courtsey of my momsi.

  3. I feel your struggles my sister… I have the finest…thinnest hair I have ever seen on another human being… I’m right now struggling with henna and rice water to try and help the volume…sigh… it’s hard… anyway.. Please share the links to the YouTube channels that had useful content

  4. Started my natural journey in January also and I must say taking care of my hair is a struggle for me as well. But have you heard of “we naturals “? It’s a Ghanaian brand and their products are really affordable and nice.

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