This is just my face, try not to stare by Gabourey Sidibe. Book Review.

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Lets just take a minute to acknowledge the beauty of the name Gabourey.. it sounds so fancy and bougie… i was soo happy when she emphasized that her name isn’t gabby but Gabourey… lol. i don’t know why.

If you don’t know Gabby or Gabourey, then you are on a long thing.. Maybe not sha.. she was the lead actor in the movie Precious… she was very noticeable because she was quite big in the movie (she has lost some weight now).. i never really finished precious the movie and i have no idea how it ended.  i saw a bootleg version that stopped in the middle… (dont judge guys..this was like in 2010/2011) i still remember where it stopped … the scene where maria carry told Precious that she had HIV.

this same precious movie is the movie that has now caused Monique career to take a nose dive..  lol.. life… I love Monique btw.

monique monique[/caption]

now back to Gabourey… I’ve always been indifferent to her… the next place i saw her after precious was empire and that’s all.. I dont really relate to her characters but she is a good actress.

anyways i got her book and i was in for a pleasant surprise… she writes really well.. i almost couldn’t put down the book.  I love that she is just telling her story. no other agenda:  she wasn’t selling anything or trying to convince the readers about anything else… just her plain ol story which was relatable and funny.  Shes also from West Africa (Senegal) and her parents are distant cousins.. even though her mum is American.  Made me like her more as we have something in common.

I have this thing with books where i dont enjoy books when i start from chapter 1 cos the pace is kinda too slow…I start from the middle of the book and go back to read the beginning…. I went through the table of contents of this book and saw:  Chapter 3: why you shouldn’t marry for a green card… ahhh.. that caught my attention and i started reading from that chapter.  The story was sooo typical.. My Nigerian brothers and sisters, we all know (directly or indirectly) someone that has married for pali… or papers. Dont lie.. hearing the story from the product/child of that arrangement was interesting.

  • her dad is such a typical African dad: theres no typical African dad if we are being honest and i didn’t like the fact that she generalized Africa alot… but… i know that a lot of us can relate to this with non-western parents… .
i honestly felt sometypa way when i red this… its true but this is the wrong definition of African

that whole everybody is noisy/jumpy until daddy comes home thing…. or when you hear the horn of your fathers car.. which you can totally identify in the midst of all horns.

  • she is soo self aware.. i dont know how to explain it but ahe knew herself very welll. she didnt focus on any friend or foe or job… she focused on her.
  • she worked with a company that sold sex over the phone.. … which is not exactly a career path you want to emulate but i like that she learned to make lemonade out of her lemons and surpass her own expectations while at it…. shows that you can have the shittiest job in the world but still be a bawse at it.

    2: you go gurl…
  • that whole dad does something seriously wrong (like marry another wife) and mummy forgives because she has a huge heart… also happens in her book… Anybody see that happen to an aunt or parent we know?
  • “Don’t let anyone else take your joy. If they don’t want to be with you, let them go,” and she added, “You came into this world by yourself and the next person’s lungs don’t help you breathe.”

  • she had bulimia… yes.. fat people have that kind of eating disorder.
  • relationship issues: someone also wanted to marry her for papers… its just amazing how family circles are repeated in generations..

  • i had some other things i loved about the book which i took screenshots off… cos i was too lazy to type.. Enjoy
  • she went through that phase in life when you know you are made for more but you life just feels empty cos you dont know what to do.

Let me stop here before i give away too much… I really enjoyed this book and i think you will… I didn’t completely agree with all her opinions and values but as with any book, you take what you need from it and leave the rest… thats life.

IWD tip: You can be fat, skinny, tall, short, beautiful or ugly but the greatness in you doesn’t care about any of these to manifest itself..

i rate it 8/10…  Have you red the book or would you like to read it?

Let me know in the comment section below!!!

Hi, Im Yevandy.


  1. I remember her. Never knew her real name. I think Precious was such a wack movie, so boring.
    Enjoying this review series.
    Keep it up.

    • LOL.. you thought precious was whack?? im not surprised sha… even though it won alot of awards.

  2. Pretty Diyem Reply

    This is awesome! Seems like a very interesting book. Where can I get this please?

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