Book Review: Royalty by Bolatito Idakula and Kikelomo by Kikelomo.

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I am reviewing 2 books in this post and they are : ROYALTY BY TITO IDAKULA and Kikelomo: Diaries of an abused girl.


I am combining this review into one cos I feel like they have the same underlying theme: Stories of sexual abuse and Redemption from God..

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I said it here I don’t like preachy books and I have to admit both books were quite preachy.. That’s disclaimer number 1.

I love my fellow Christian sisters but sometimes you just want to read a book and figure out the message by yourself. Well If that’s what you want, you wont get that from these books… BUT!!!  If you are looking for inspiration and stories of redemption to motivate you when you find yourself in any of the situations these ladies found themselves, then pick up these books, they both have important messages and most importantly they are Memoirs s

Both authors also gave their books out for free on Okadabooks just like Toyo did and I took advantage of the promo. Thank you mams..

Royalty is the life story of Tito Idakula. Shes Bez wife if the name sounds familiar and also the daughter of the a popular politician…  she told us about growing up, feeling inferior cos she stayed with step mums and how she started getting sexually abused and thinking it was normal.  She also touched on getting abortions, losing a baby, going through a miscarriage, leaving her job, starting her blog, having her baby and her spiritual life in General.. If you have challenges in any of  these areas, then this book might be able to help you through it.. At least you know that you are not alone. Its actually a really good book.

NOW what I didn’t like about the book was how she kept on going on and on about how insecure she was and scared and scared.. Etc.. Like we get it Aunt Tito, you were insecure (as with many of us) . Who are we to judge.. she didn’t have to repeat it in all the chapters.. Or every time she was about to tell us about a mistake she made.


Onto the next book…

Kikelomo (the memoir of an abused girl) Is a recollection of her personal experience with child sexual abuse.. sigh..  Here she focuses only on the abuse.. You can’t fault her as it’s in the title already.. Which is what we got in the book anyways.. Stories of how a trusted uncle abused her for soo long and got away with it.. In fact he was even enabled to continue abusing her because he was her guardian. I dont want to give away too much of the book but it was a good read. I wish she used his real name so that people he would have been exposed with the book.. The man’s son even abused her too.. This is why some people say men are scum.

Her mother also suffered from depression and Kike struggled with masturbation.. She had a good step mum tho…

It was also a true life story,  so in as much as I wanted more details about some characters like her sisters, friends and photography, I really can’t ask for that cos it’s a personal story.. she had a reason for writing the book and a specific message to share… This book was full of more sad stories than I expected. Her story of redemption was from Photography and Finding God. The last chapter where she talks about Gods redemption and the Tips at the end of every chapter made it feel like a textbook..

But….. Like I said, if you are going through abuse (which a lot of people are silently going through) and want to feel like you are not alone.. Then this book if for you..


Lets hold on.. How isn’t it an issue that so many women have been abused in their life time. A lot of books authored by women more often than not include a rape story… we need to do better not just pray and fast… We need to speak out and act fast.. Now we know. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. These women were brave to come out and talk about their sexual abuse. I just wish they were able to speak up earlier as children but better late than never abi….

bible study
Bible study
Lessons from both books.
  • Parents need to do better with their children in this generation.
  • We all make mistakes. We need to own these mistakes and stop blaming things.
  • Children, our parents are not perfect.. Neither are they Gods. We need to start learning how to manage expectations.
  • Everyone needs good friends. Even if its just for a period.
  • If you are going to self publish a book, pls get an editor. Both books had typos.
  • A lot of children from polygamous homes harbor a lot of hurt and pain.. (not all but there seems to be a trend here)
  • Your past doenst determine your future… this was quite obvious in both books as they are both doing things that are differnet from what it seems like they should be doing..
  • Depression is real guys… its as real as malaria.. Please get help if you suffer from it.. Especially if you have dependents..

i am a little bit all over the place with this post because i am a quite shaken up.. stories like these are why Feminism is important… its not to stop women from cooking or giving birth… but to give women a choice in their lives, protect little girls from abuse because they know their body is theirs and stop pedophiles from acting because they know there will be consequences…

I rate Royalty a 5.5/10  Kikelomo 4/10 and you can get them here on Okada books.. For Freeee…

Hi, Im Yevandy.


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    Hello Yeva, thanks for the great review. I’m so eager to read these books you have reviewed so far.

    P.s: I can now comment from Chrome, Opera mini isn’t still allowing me.

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