I Dyed My Natural Hair!!!

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The first time I dyed my hair, it pretty much all fell out and my hair the color of my hair didn’t change…

It was a horrible and sad experience… I picked a red dye color and got it done at a Natural hair salon.  It honestly just felt like I had a pricey deep conditioning session..

To now add salt to the injury I noticed that my hair started falling off.

It was horrible.. My hair was badly damaged after and there was no shakara on top show for it.

In the salons’ defense, I’m sure what caused the damage was my inability to take care of my hair but really.. I was super disappointed and I haven’t been to the salon since then.

This experience really put me off coloring my hair but I have always liked colored hair… Black hair looks nice but it looks really bleh on me.. I love blonde, red and multicolored hair!!! It just matches my personality and my skin tone.. 🙂

I started to take care of my hair end of last year and I didn’t do it for growth, I just wanted to have hair that I liked and I was proud to wear out. Retaining length out of the way.. I started to think about dying my hair…

I mentioned it to my friends I knew and the ones who knew my history they all discouraged me… lol but strong head like me… I still went ahead…

I blame it on Ijeoma of Klassy kinks… she was my major Motivation!!! I really liked this picture of hers and I wanted my hair to look just like that…

Anyways.. I walked Into Invivo in surulere and  bought the dye I wanted for about 4000 Naira.  I started searching online for a natural hair salon where I could get it done but I didn’t find any within my budget or close to me (I was honestly too lazy to drive anywhere)

I kept on complaining about my inability to get a salon until my sister got tired and volunteered to do it for me… I mean.. How hard could it be abi?  Unlike me, my sisters are quite good with haircare and skincare so I gladly accepted.

She watched some YouTube videos for reassurance, got foil papers and got to work. She sectioned my hair and oiled my scalp first… …  then proceeded to apply the  dye to half the length of my hair to give it an Ombre effect. She sealed with foil paper and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

We rinsed off, I deep conditioned and wet to sleep.. The whole process took less than an hour..

And the outcome….. Very beautiful!!!

My hair felt dry initially but I started to deep condition every week instead of Every two weeks and I moisturized intensely every other day and my hair went back to normal.. I stopped combing, protected with wigs and watched my hair very closely and so far It hasn’t fallen off.. dance emoji

I now style my hair and the color is just everything… Its actually fading off now but I don’t mind.

This is expected as I didn’t bleach my hair before dying so the color didn’t exactly take out the black in my hair. I also use warm water to wash my hair and that apparently washes off dyes..


So tips to note:

  • Reduce exposure to sun and warm water to retain colour…
  • Use foil if you want to dye sections
  • Deep condition and monitor your hair for whatever it needs after a dye job.
  • DIY or Professionally done, get some education before you go into it.


I am grateful for my enterprising and experimentative sisters

Have you gotten or are you thinking of getting a hair dye? Let me hear your experience in the comment section below.

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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