The Hate you give by Angie Thomas. Book Review.

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The Hate U Give: THUG. It’s rare to see a great movie adaptation of a book but I saw the movie of this book last week and I think they nailed it. I loved it. This book review has been sitting in my drafts for months and I’m just going to publish it without editing much.

Angie Thomas is a good writer .. That’s the author of this book btw… This book blew my mind, I almost didn’t believe that this is her first book. Just putting it out there.. I hope my first book blows minds as this one did…

The hate you give is a fictional novel that gives a victims perspective to the police vs black people shootings in America. I read stories and watch videos about the shootings and Black lives matter movement on social media but I didn’t really understand it. A lot of things just never made sense to me and I didn’t research it too much… this book gives an insider view of the issue and I got it. ..

The main character is Star who is in High school/ Secondary school and is going through what we all go through at a certain age… trying to fit in.. She goes to a white school and she’s fine there but in her black neighborhood, she’s not the coolest person.

I love how fast-paced and descriptive The Hate you give is. I felt like I was just beside the characters and we were friends. Starr witnesses a police officer shoot her male friend on their way back from a party and watch everything play out against him. He is called a criminal, drug dealer, thug, then riots starts, she has to testify in court.. Etc.

There are also a lot of interesting characters in the book.. Big Mav her dad who’s an ex-con, Starrs bougie police uncle who raised her for a while, her mum who is a nurse, The ashawo her father slept with who has a child for him and they have to deal with for the rest of their lives, Starrs white boyfriend who is just a darling, her 2 fake best friends in school.. One who is a white diva and the other Asian, Phew. Sounds like a Tyler Perry movie. Without Madea. But with enough Drama that they don’t need madea.. ..

Some lessons I took note of in the book:

  • Names: My Name is Yewande and its a beautiful name which is part of my identity. The book mentions how a lot of people think black American names are ratchet…but these names might have beautiful meanings… That’s all that matters. Also, your name kinda directs the course of your life… Use your name and be proud of It
  • Stereotypes: How they can be damaging and how you can also use them to your advantage.
  • Black American parties. Described Just like you see in movies.  Just thought to mention.
  • Having to live a double life. Classy here, ratchet there. Sky had to play cool in her white school and then change again when she got home to her black neighborhood.
  • Loyalty is bad when it covers a bad person. I don’t get this no stitching rule people apply to problematic people.
  • Growing up in a family-centered neighborhood. Raise up your hand if your community raised you. Mine did.. I knew almost all the families on my street growing up in Delta State Nigeria and my childhood was a blast. Reading about this type of neighborhood made me nostalgic. It had its bad parts but growing up with a lot of other children from different backgrounds in my neighborhood made my Childhood awesome.
  • Your environment has a huge impact onI am kinda a secondary target audience for Linda. I like Trash Tv but I really do not have the time and patience for it how you see life. What you see every day determines the width of your imagination… The hood was everything to some characters because that was all they knew.. Travel, explore.. no matter what.
  • Violent protests and riots which I am quite conflicted about… I’ve seen scenarios where people actually get what they want after “Taking it by force” I have also seen the loss of lives and people losing everything through violent protests…. When People are being marginalized and their hands are tied would you ever encourage a violent protest?
  • 2pac was and still is really influential.
  • Speaking the truth and defending an innocent person is good enough in spite of any pressures

It’s amazing how much as women and human beings in general, we need a support system to help us through a lot of things that just seem easy.

Trust me, you’ll love this book… let me just stop here so I don’t give out too many spoilers…

Have you red this book or seen the movie?

What do you think about it?

Hi, Im Yevandy.

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