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If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my fine fine pictures of Cotonu, Benin on my Insta stories.. If you don’t follow me, I recommend you should asap cos ill be posting more pictures soon.. My handle is @yevandy Cotonu is a beautiful city guys. Looks very colonial if I must admit but from the moment we drove in the air was different from Lagos air… Very chilled and relaxed. I have been through Cotonu before… via a Cross Country bus on my way to Ghana in 2016.. A travel post which is still in my draft but the experience of Driving to Cotonu is WAYYYY different from taking public transport.. ILL break it down soon.. First of all.. I have to say that Seme border is …. Arguably the worst border in the world. The level of corruption and unnecessary stress there was mind blowing. Would…


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